Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants (Part 1)

I think this is an ever going on discussion. I would ask you to go through all previous threads and make a decision once you’ve all the options. I strongly think it’s a personal decision. I know lot of kids who couldn’t succeed from Ivies and also from BS/MD programs as they couldn’t maintain the GPA or couldn’t take the stress. Some of the students in BS/MD were denied admission to MD school because of GPA. I know one kid who was in BS/MD program graduated to medical school successfully but couldn’t take the stress and became sick. Unfortunately she only got BS degree. The parents had to bring her back home so it’s all a risky process. Please make a choice that is acceptable to your family. We as a family think 8 years program is much safer and comfortable but my D applied to few 7 years too. We will make the decision once we have all the options at hand.

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Hope you have applied through other feeders and will get forwarded by at least one and invited.

Syracuse being a well known school, is likely to attract many top notch students like yours’ and can get highly unpredictable for anyone. Good luck with everything.

My older daughter’s bsmd batch mate turned down Princeton to take bsmd and says she has no regrets whatsoever looking back.

I agree, it all depends on the student and the family has to make a right decision. For some reason even if your decision goes wrong, you should be ready to accept the challenge and plan an alternative. Life itself is a risk at every step. I know one kid from Duke in a regular route and took a gap year and working as a scribe. I am sure he will get into Medical school next year. Same with another one from Case Western and joined UofCincinnati after 1 year of working as a scribe.

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@g46qop, I also agree with @mygrad2021. If you read previous comments on this thread, this issue has been talked a lot (I mean a lot) and it is not advisable to start the discussion again. Please read all the previous posts in this thread and make your own judgement. Everyone’s situation is different and every bsmd program is different. One has to make their own decision (if and when they reach to that point) based on their own situation.

For more information, you can check this thread too

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Makes sense–thanks for the information.

I know one who declined all top tier BSMDs for Stanford in 2017. Check BSMD experience thread.

Sorry to hear. Good luck with rest of the apps.

We (the parents) got email from Hofstra inviting us and our kid to visit in January in person (or virtual). Are colleges open and doing in-person visits?? Would interviews end up being in person too? We are in CA where we are under stay-at-home orders - no visiting even neighbors, so feels a bit surreal.

Per the program requirements, one must be admitted to Hons program along with UG. There is no separate application for Hons.

My son received 18K/year. We are OOS. Hope this helps. Good luck

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Sounds like your D has change of heart in just one week, from traditional route to BS/MD.,:slightly_smiling_face:

Son got regular admission at Drexel but was declined for BSMD
He got regular admission at Temple University and waiting to hear back about Honors admission and BSMD program

GPA - 3.89 (Unweighted)
SAT Score - 1550
Math Subject SAT Score - 800
Took 10+ AP courses
Lot of volunteer hours

Sorry to hear about Drexel BSMD. Most of the other colleges will begin responses starting late Jan. Let’s hope for the best.

Sorry to hear that. Good luck with other BS/MD programs.

Your son has pretty competitive profile. I am confident he will hear back from Temple soon. Good luck

those are very good stats. Hopefully you will soon hear from Temple

@Mom22DDs - i was referring to the total number of seats at Stony Brook BA/MD as 10

@nvk - Don’t worry at all. This is very common with BS/MD. you get into some and you get rejected by others for no logical reason or connection to your stats.

Your son’s stats are just fine!

Did you mean Drexel did not forward your application to medical college or did you hear outcome from Drexel medical college ?

Those STATS are so good