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It was a limit of 10000 messages reached for

Please continue here.

Woah guys, we really posted that much :joy:


I interviewed with NJMS mid-February.

Last year’s thread has around 7000 posts and we are already at 10,000. I’m assuming number of BS/MD applicants went up by like 20-30% this year.


@grtd2010 - She plans BME followed by MD whichever school she decides as undergrad. Full tuition scholarship at JHU is attractive. Georgia Tech BME gave her about 28K per year ( not full tuition-OOS). Await $ from UT- Austin/UIUC etc with admission only so far. Harvey Mudd gave her partial and interview pending for full. She is waitlisted Caltech BioE.

Others pending. Upstate medical/Ualbany offered and some interviews pending.

Tough choices ahead - JHU full tuition seems attractive.


@bsmdbuff Sorry to hear about this.

Did you interview with NJMS via Stevens or any other feeder school ?

I interviewed through Stevens, Drew, and Caldwell. Sorry to people in the feed for the many replies about this!

All these have a very low number of applicants selected by NJMS BSMD compared to TCNJ and NJIT as feeder schools.

@grtd2010 - does NJMS sends out the rejections first? I thought NJMS usually releases all (Acceptances /rejections) in April 1st week.

It was a first such post seen from some one on CC so early, IIRC.

It may be a sign that NJMS results may be posted a little earlier than prior years? I got my VCU acceptance on March 3rd, whereas last year VCU came out in mid March

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Did you receive email from feeder school or NJMS directly? Did they combine into 1 interview from all 3 feeder schools? My daughter had Dean’s session earlier this week and Dean mentioned that they will release results this or next week

I got the email for my Stevens portal.

Stony Brook Honors rejection. Applied to all 3 honors colleges and got notification of rejection from all today. weird… anyway guess we will not be living in NY.

Well Swarthmore acceptance slightly makes up for the JHop rejection.

Wondering pros:cons of a liberal arts for premed track.


Approximately how many students from TCNJ feeder will be selected by NJMS?

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Question: What is a typical numeric breakdown of the high school senior applicant pool for the Seven-Year Medical program at TCNJ?

  • number of students who apply 400

  • number of students academically eligible to interview 200

  • number of students who receive an interview at TCNJ 100

  • number of students who receive an interview at NJMS 80

  • number of students who are accepted into the Seven-Year Program 40

  • number of students who enter program Fall semester 20

  • Recent average SAT of accepted students 1534

  • Recent average GPA of accepted students (Unweighted) 4.72 or 100.05%

One of the FAQs answers your question: 7 Year Medical Program | Department of Biology

There is only ONE interview with NJMS BSMD.