Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants (Part 2)

BS MD rejection do not mean anything

My elder child who is MD and doing residency in T5 surgical program was rejected by HPME and WASHU years back and was very frustrating for us as he only wanted top two programs.

But after Premed did medicine from a better T15 ranked school …so kids should have faith in themselves if they are ready to work hard Traditional route is always there and you should not compromise with any programs you do not like.



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Hello! This is my first time posting on this thread, and I have been following the thread for the entire bsmd application cycle for 2020-2021. I recently received acceptances to the GW/GW bsmd program and Stony brook scholars for medicine program. I have learned so much from this forum and I would appreciate it if I could get some advice on which program I should select considering that my goal is to land into a top residency. Thanks!


As I said numerous times my kid was rejected by HPME, PLME, CASE, Rochester and GAP. This time he applied to North Western and Case Western as safeties and both waitlisted him and he refused to go on their waitlist. He did apply to Rochester, Pitt or BU.

Only time you should feel some what disappointed is you put in lot of effort with medical related ECs and got no acceptance. Even in that situation you should use this experience as stepping stone and aim high.

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Committed to UIC GPPA today! Thank you all for your help and advice :heart: I plan on posting in the results thread soon.


So quickly, I thought you were waiting for advise on SDN :slight_smile:

If you can, come back at least once a year and give updates here

As a parent of a kid going to Medical school, I can tell you that anyone in medical school or residency is too busy and unable to make time for even lunch or dinner, let alone talking to someone about their school choice they made 4+ years ago. So the moms try to speak on their behalf, rather than not allowing their DD to talk to other students.

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Do you know “which top residency” ? It is such a vague statement and may mean different things to different students. It all depends upon what you do when you land up in medical school. Pick your medical school by visiting them, talking to some students in the program if possible.

By top residency, I mean a residency in surgery at schools like NYU and UPenn. In general I just want to know pros and cons of both programs like which one would be a good choice.

General surgery may not be so difficult to get in and then you can do specialization (fellowship) in your field of choice- cardiac etc. Neuro surgery and Plastic Surgery are integrated ( Gen Surgery + Specialization ) programs.

Definitely will try to give updates :grin:

After discussing financing with my parents we ultimately decided GPPA was the right choice, especially with the pandemic and changing restrictions. Ultimately I feel my success is largely determined by my own drive and while a top 20 school helps, my success is in my hands, so it just made more sense to stay in-state with the bird in hand.


Good thought process. GL to you!

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Okay, makes sense. Thanks!

What is SDN?

Student Doctor Network

@grtd2010 neurosurgery and plastics are separate residencies from general surgery (cannot subspecialize after general surgery), only cardiothoracic you can do as a fellowship after general surgery.

@mddmdlovers honestly both of those medical schools (SBU and GWU) are in the same ballpark in terms of reputation so I don’t believe the chances of matching at a top surgical residency is significantly better at one vs the other on the whole (but I’m not privy to the particular strengths of each surgical subspecialty department at each program). I would look at other factors if you were deciding between the two.

They are both mid-tier schools so if you want to go to a top academic program you will have to do very well in medical school. The alternative would be to bet on yourself and make it to a top medical school which can make it easier to match into a top program


So does anyone know if you can bargain with IVYs for matching ( or closing gap) for BSMD rides at SBU or JHU/NYU/Harvey Mudd kind of schools??

Am going to try for sure.

From what I heard ivy leagues match offers close to other ivy leagues/Stanford/MIT schools. Not sure about BS/MD but you should definitely try.

They don’t care about BSMDs and other low tiers.


Haha - Perhaps they can make more money by starting like PLEM!!!

Damn D should have got Caltech!

How about Harvey Mudd or JHU??? Meaning can you bargain with HYP? Think Dartmouth may match!! Is Dartmouth a real IVY???