Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants (Part 2)

Thank you. I Just corrected that , please let me know if you are still seeing it , You are correct I took the previous text as a template :slight_smile:

@goldenrock Agreed! Thank you


Yes, as you rightly said you had quite a decent shot at BS/MDs, but it is so unpredictable especially during this cycle. Anyways I am glad you came to know of what is meant for you through this route. Perhaps you would not have known about NJIT if not for this program they have.

NJIT is a decent school with plenty of opportunities. Also NYC is not far away in case you want to pursue some additional opportunities there. And it will let you save handsomely during the undergrad for paying for the med school later. And last but not the least, you have the option to pursue any of the solid engineering tracks they have if there were to be a change of mind later about going to medicine (or the joint courses at the next door Rutgers Nwk or Rutgers Business school few blocks away). Good luck with everything.

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Congrats and echo GoldenRock. Focus on Princeton and never get into Buyers remorse.

As a techie myself, I am fond of MIT/Caltech but my fondness is irrelevant. Princeton is as much powerhouse and perhaps more due to holistic approach.

I am sure kid is so smart that he will get top T5 med schools- God bless your kid.

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I just saw the BSMD results page and like that students this year are posting regularly!

@jonakk - Congratulations and best wishes for a successful future at NJIT and beyond. With a full ride at NJIT, BS and regular route MD pathway will be much cheaper with broader med school options. So, all good :slight_smile:

@Juniorcasi78 - Congratulations and best wishes for a successful future to your D at UMKC 6 years BSMD program. You are right, she should decide what she wants to study however, I too like UMKC over WashJeff.

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@muscarf - Congratulations to your S and the proud family on Princeton. So, now you have two kids (only one year apart) in two top IVYs - UPenn and Princeton. I am sure they will have excellent careers. Good Luck to both for regular route MD application cycle. Hope you will share their MD application stories in a few years time.

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Yeah and we never will really know what went through admissions’ minds. Thanks though.

We received email from Rice indicating that since you did not accept, the class is full and please complete the survey of why you did not accept.

Bottomline, there would be many slots open as many wont have accepted.

Professors and TA’s are smart to catch plagiarism. They may even use software to catch it. It may result in an institutional action on record. Read about it here.

Yes, there may be some movement at various WLs but colleges use yield management and make admission offers to far more than the actual number of seats ( may be 1.2 -2 times depending on the UG program). If class is full, it may mean that enough applicants have accepted the offers to fill all the available seats.

@compengineer1 Thank you so much! It was so hard yesterday when he was filling out MIT form for decline offer and waiting and waiting to hit submit. But now he is focusing on Princeton all the way!!!. He was like I wish I could enroll both???

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@Vicky2019 Thank you so much! And I will definitely share their MD journey in the upcoming years.

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Perhaps we will be in same boat in few days- Atleast I will be!

Good luck- Am sure he will go to moon.

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@Vicky2019 Thank you!

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Congratulations to your D and family @mak2000 !

RPI/AMC is a good program which many bright students opt for. Distinctly remember from last cycle someone opting for it over Duke undergrad.

And what is more, your D is assured of the same “royal treatment” there as your son got at UVA (being one of the few girl students there * :slight_smile: ) Hope you have had a visit of the campus before deciding.

  • I am funnily reminded of this incident, when my niece applied there few years ago for the undergrad business major, not only was she awarded the highest scholarship possible but also the dean of that school called her up and left a message on cell phone asking to reach him out if any questions or guidance needed. She didn’t bother to return the call though and opted to go somewhere else despite the scholarship. Her major concern was going to yet another grade deflated school after having attended a tough high school. Especially all those math and engineering geeks :wink:. But think she would have done just great even if opted to go there.

Good luck!

@mak2000 Thank you for sharing your stats + perspectives in the results thread.
Congratulations on RPI/AMC.
It is a very strong program.
Wishing your DD all the very best.

Congratulations to your D on RPI/AMC. You D has excellent UW GPA, medical related ECs, volunteering, leadership and other ECs(music/vocal). Agree that low SAT score was the reason for so many rejections before interview. The paid counselors are not always helpful since they do not have a crystal ball. They are also making educated guess. All one can do is a targeted research, cast a wide net and see how things go.
IMO, one does not need several hundreds hours of volunteering both non-clinical and clinical. It seems a overkill. A shadowing 80-100 hrs a few different physicians will be desirable.

Your niece could have switched to Engineering at RPI and those geeks (mostly male) would have loved it. RPI campus lacks adequate representation of females.

RPI/AMC does not allow RPI engineering. Eliminated based on multiple factors including this one with both avg. schools.

Nice to know, @rk2017 mentioned in the anecdote above that his nice was admitted to a business major at RPI not as a RPI/AMC BSMD. RPI is most famous as an engineering school.

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