Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants (Part 2)

Hello @myhouse1
It has been nearly a month, just curious to know whether you get acceptance from any of two orientations. Please post your experience in the results forum. Thx.

Anybody got accepted to Howard BSMD program?

Hi Everyone,

I am a rising junior and am considering my activities for next year. I want to do research, shadow, and volunteer at a nursing home, but I am concerned that I won’t have enough time to keep my gpa up. Right now it is 3.88 UW. I currently have 200+ hours in shadowing and I have other around a cumulative of 300 hours in volunteer (non-medical and medical).

I am probably going to commit 4 hrs a week to sahdowing and 4 to volunteer. How much time should I commit to research. I got into a professor’s lab (he’s also associated with the medical school of the bs/md program I want) who said he wanted to work with and mentor me, but I am not sure how much time I should commit.

I want to make research my spike and maybe get a reference from this professor, but I don’t want to sacrifice my GPA or other activities. Please let me know what I should do.

I guess my big question is is it worth it to spend 5+ hrs a week in a lab doing research

“5+ hrs a week in a lab doing research” doing for how long?

@bhacollege123 - In the past, competitive bsmd candidates have obtained experience in all three medically related areas - volunteering, shadowing, research.

Research unlike shadowing or volunteering require students to spend more time. Students usually come up with a poster presentation for their research at a minimum. Some high achieving students also have publications out of their research.

An email to the adcom? I have around the same stats as him and would like to know how I could have similar chances to get into these programs

He sent an email to the admissions representative for his area. So in addition to an explanation within the comment section, he had that conversation with some of them.

How many combined programs still require a traditional ‘Why Med’ Essay as opposed to smaller more school-specific questions for those interested in the program?

You need to look into every possible BSMD program individually for the essay requirements. You can find this info on individual program req webpages on BSMD programs websites and or on the common app. Here is a sample list of combined BSMD programs. There are many state-level BSMD programs too. Good luck.
UConn, CNU, UCF, UMKC, W&J-Temple, Oklahoma University, Upstate, PSU-SKMC, BU SMED, Brown PLME, Temple, Rowan-Cooper, Stonybrook, VCU, UAB, GW/GW, RPI/AMC, SBU/GW, CWRU, Pitt GAP, Hofstra, NJMS, Rice-Baylor, FAU, Drexel, U of Tulsa

Ok, thank you! Do you happen to know what the BSMD supplements look like that are sent to you from schools after you submit the common app? I just want to get a feel for the type of questions asked and maybe even work on them sooner as my common app may be a WIP for a while.

You need to look into every possible BSMD program individually for the supplement requirements. You can find this info on individual program supplemental essay req webpages on BSMD programs websites. If you are lucky google may find some for you in your search. These supplements may be changed for future admission year cycles. Watch out.