Thread for BSMD 2021-2022

Thanks @jawacat

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It was always Penn State that sent out interview invites.

However, the process appears to have changed last year when they started sending out invites over multiple weeks.

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I know RPI and Union have started sending our invites, but has anyone heard anything about Siena?

We were able to open the application today and submit the payment. You can try it and see if it lets you submit the application.

Thanks - it works for me now too

D22 submitted Rice/Baylor program. I read it has a very low acceptance rate. Fingers crossed…

Did anyone get an email confirmation upon submitting the AMC supplement or there is none?

No email confirmation.

Did stevens institute bs/md start sending out invites for interview?

I’m not sure. However, my portal says “awaiting” next to the program interview box on the checklist section.

No email confirmation, but if you login again, the application looks complete.

That program is “fake” imo. If you watch the video on their site, you’ll see that those admitted only earn the benefitted of having an interview with the hackensack med school. According to their projected stats, roughly 30% won’t make it past the interview portion. Seems like a waste of time, money, and commitment if you get removed at that stage…


The interview is after the four years you commit at Seton Hall.

Do you think it’s a better option than going to a bs/do route or even going through regular premed? Because they encourage you to apply to other med schools in your third year. So you already have a good change in going the do route after, assuming you can score a >500. And then you can apply to the med schools as well if you score well.


Any idea when can we expect the next steps for VCU to come out?

similar question, any idea when TCNJ might start sending out interview invites?

VCU said they’ll start sending interview invites in mid-January.

Hello fellow BSMD applicants, it’s that crazy time of the year again. The Christmas jingles and Christmas trees have come out and now its time to work on the final stretch of applications! Don’t Stress out guys!!! All is well and meant to be! I am currently a student at Union AMC LIM BSMD program. I understand the stress with the process. As December rolls around, the time for interviews begin.
I have a lot of good interview material that can help you through the process. I have books and a document with interview questions I can send over email. Feel free to reach out, so I can send you the material that helped me and many of my friends get into BSMDs and BSDOs all across the country. Reach out to my email so I can send the material over email!

It is Christmas season and I want to help alleviate your stresses. :grin:

Thanks!! OK. So mid-Jan is the peak action time for most of the colleges!!