Thread for BSMD 2021-2022

Thank you

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Same here, I know I want to apply but haven’t submitted my application yet and I’m worried about not getting an interview slot

From what we have heard so far at FAU, the interview is a formality, if you meet the undergrad requirements. FAU is a newer upcoming medical school. Last year, about 38% match in primary care (family, IM and peds) which is lower than the national average - this implies more students matched with competitive specialties.

I have heard some stories at Seton Hall about a lack of support. Please check it.

I would suggest visiting both places, speaking to students, and getting a feel for the places.

Thank you. Any stats on BSMD undergrads being accepted into FAU med school?

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Can you please share your stats?

Can you please share her stats?

I’m sorry, I’m not comfortable sharing my stats.

Does anyone had an idea of when case western reaped their decisions last year?


Per website on or about Feb 1st

End of Jan

I sent a DM!

@collegeapplicantdad read the below thread for FAU.
In addition, you can dig through previous cycles’ BSMD results thread to see if any accepted into FAU and or Seton Hall BSMD and get some insights.
Question: Did you apply to both programs and got interviews?

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Has RPI/AMC sent out interviews?

Thank you. In case no spot in CASPER test, we have registered the test in Feb ( only one available) even though no interview decision comes out yet.

This is a great insight into both the programs. Would you share your views on Nova in the same context?

If i recall you did DREXEL, which should be fine as they expect (per their site) only before decision … but HOFSRA needs it before…

Even then , hopefully you can inform them (of the situation and with pandemic) they “may” consider delay okay ( no idea)

Good luck

Anyone with BU interview?

I did not receive anything back yet. I applied RPI/AMC and submitted AMC supplement around Dec 05.

nothing yet for me