Thread for BSMD 2021-2022

If I understand correctly, the question is about getting a full tuition/full-ride scholarship in medical school part.
NYU medical college is offering full tuition, Kaiser Permanente in LA is also offering full-tuition but only to the first couple of batches of medical students. There are 5 other medical schools offering partial or full tuition. Is your older DC in the BA-MD program thinking of applying out?

Also, remember, all MD-PhD seats are free.

BSMD selection criteria counts NMSQT semi finalist
as plus point ? NMSQT finalist will be announced in Feb, by the time interview might be done

Only a few colleges like FAU considers it explicitly.
For others, it may be a non-factor or a minor factor.

We know of the big kahoona schools that give full tuition, but we are also looking into state schools that provide full merit scholarships. Older DC may apply out.

State medical schools providing full merit scholarships to OOS students? I would like to know too if there are any. Hoping experts can chime in.

Texas schools are 90% instate but the OOS students receive a 1k scholarship that gives them instate tuition -around 22k except for Enmed at a&m. so most OOS students are receiving almost 20k off each year.

Edit - the instate vs OOS may not be as big as I thought. It is 12k + 1k scholarship for a total of 13k annually at UTSW. The tuitions are not same at all schools and I see Texas tech difference is 15k but in reality that is just on paper.


Do BSMD programs take superscored SAT scores?

@superstar678 - yes, a few do. I think it depends on the policy of the undergraduate college that is part of the BSMD program.


Does any one know if we need to take Casper test for RPi/AMC program this year ?

DC took it in Fall 2021 application cycle for Hofstra 4+4 BSMD. I didn’t hear it was a requirement for RPI/AMC in year 2021 admission cycle. How about other feeder colleges Union and Sienna?

Is there anyone who has got admission in BsMD without having a research component in the application ?
I have 4.0/1550 , volunteering, shadowing doctors, extra curriculars , leadership (state level and school level) but no research.
Would this be an issue ? I am looking to apply at colleges in northeast and midwest.

@rbmed18 - DC took Casper in the 2020 application cycle for RPI/AMC program. Not sure if they plan to continue this year, for 2022 -

You should send an email to the RPI/AMC admissions - []

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@aspiremed - Admission to BSMD is very competitive. This is more so in the North eastern states where the competition is even higher. However, every cycle is different. 2022 applicants have had to experience 2 years of COVID. So maybe many kids are in the same boat as you from research point of view.

Even the BSMD colleges won’t be able to predict who they might end up selecting before they see their applicant pool for that year. You should look at the 2021 and 2020 BSMD results forum to see if your qualifications seem similar to successful students.

Having said this, quality of the experience is more important than type of experience. You should apply to 12-15 bsmd colleges.

Thank you very much Vicky2019. I have a list of 9-10 colleges now. Will try to see if I could add more.


Agree with @Vicky2019

Do not worry too much about not having research. COVID has impacted students in different ways and there is a lot of subjectivity in college applications review.

Apply broadly.

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Thanks for the encouragement. Yes covid hit right when I turned 16. So my opportunities were cut short reg external in person.
I had been offered a research opportunity but the program was cancelled due to covid.

My family and I , we do not have influence or contacts in the medical or research field.

So, I tried to make the best use of the situation and started some volunteering, online teaching and got into more medical related activities from early 2021 when things started slowly opening up.



We are less than 40 days to the Nov 1 deadline.
Hope everyone is making progress on their essays.

Hi All - I am a rising senior, and I have been reading this forum for a while. I saw some individuals offer their advice and input on the likeliness of admissions, and I was hoping to receive some advice as well!

I am interested in applying to BS MD Programs, and my stats + profile are down below; do I have a chance?

GPA: unweighted: 3.96, weighted 4.64

ACT: 32

Class rank: 6/~300

IB Program all 4 years and will take 3 AP’s this year:

ORM - Indian (F); State: VA

Medical ECs:

  1. International Medical Shadowing - 66 hours
  2. Shadowing at Pedatitric OFcci - 25 hours
  3. Volunteering at local Hospital - 175 hours
  4. Shadowing/Interning at Dental Office - 110 hours
  5. Volunteering at PT Office - 75 hours
  6. Did research through local college, and published work on their website - 270 hours
  7. Did research under a professor at University of Alabama and presented work at USA Research Symposium.- 400 hours
  8. Attended a MiniMedical program

Other EC:

  1. Dancing for 8+ years and performed at various charitable events
  2. Volunteering at Old Age Home since freshman year (I volunteer every weekend)
  3. Volunteering at Local Temple on weekends
  4. Private Tutor


  1. President of a Medical club
  2. President of Newspaper
  3. School District Ambassador
  4. Council for Science Honor Society
  5. Member of honors societies

Member of around 15 clubs in school

I know that my test scores are low, but is there still a chance for me to be accepted for interviews? I have been interested in these BSMD Programs since I was a freshman, and I am hoping to have a shot at some. Are there any BSMD Programs that accept students with my profile (less competitive)? I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Except for the score, your profile and background is good and competitive.
It is likely many colleges may overlook your low ACT score.

Apply broadly.

Follow 2 strategies -

  1. for colleges that are test-optional for BS/MD, apply test optional.
  2. for others, take a shot (and keep expectations low).

Also, have plan B (regular pre-med route) ready.

All the best.