Thread for those deferred

<p>Hey everyone! I thought I'd make a thread for all of us deferred so we can get through these next 3 and a half months together!</p>

<p>Deferred too. Time to wait for April 1. How did everyone react?</p>

<p>I think I was okay.. Upset obviously but I feel okay cuz I still have a chance! Also, I think they will be released march 29th because Harvard says that is when RD decisions come out and don't all the ivies release the same day?</p>

<p>I handled it very well. I think deferra isl in no way is bad and when i was just so anxious to get a result I am super happy and relieved that I was not rejected. Alas, I am trying to decide what school will be my dream school that I can dream about til April because i dont trust deferred->accepted stats</p>

<p>Haha, I was hysterical. But, I did some soul searching... and now, I'm really renewed, ready to work on my twelve other apps!
They deferred so many people this time around... and at first, I thought it was just a polite, late rejection... And then I saw the results thread...
We're all so qualified! I think we ought to celebrate, just knowing we have come this far. </p>

<p>How many apps do you all have left to do?</p>

<p>Someone asked about the deferred-to-accepted rate in the results thread. I have not been able to find recent hard data on this but the rate for CC pledgers in recent years has matched the published RD rate quite closely (about 6%). This actually aligns with what the admissions office will tell you--that the rate is about the same as for RD applicants. Not much but not impossible, either.</p>

<p>My goal was to have 10 done by today. I ended up with 1: Yale... Now I am going to apply to those 9 other schools along with a couple others.</p>

<p>I'm a little annoyed that they took so few people people...H, P and S all took significantly more.</p>

<p>H and P seemed easier to get into haha but whatever, it's all behind us. Onward! :)</p>

<p>For real, I cried hard. I hate this.</p>

<p>It is very anti-climatic and disheartening. But it is not the end of the road and it was not totally unexpected considering the awesome talent pool from which Yale had to choose. But if they make you pick one school to apply to then they should make up their minds. A deferral is a little bit of a cop out.<br>
My son was disappointed because he knows someone who got into Princeton and someone who got into Harvard. He is happy for both of them and he is glad that I "suggested" that he send out some other applications just in case. He is bummed that he cant just breathe a sigh of relief today. But he is a hard worker (as I am sure you all are) and a fighter. I hope he takes his passion and anger and channels it into Brown or Swarthmore or Vassar or Tufts etc. I know that when this is all over he will wind up in the right place. Applying early to Yale is a BIG deal and a very brave thing to do considering the numbers. So I applaud and congratulate each and every one of you. And, as a mother, I know you have all made your parents, teachers, friends and family very proud!</p>

<p>I was disappointed at first...then...I was just like "okay".
It's Yale's choice after all, cannot really do anything to change it.
And let's not be delusional - deferral is much closer to rejection than to acceptance, so April 1 will probably not be the best day in my life.
But it's the end of the application cycle, I will have 18 US, 5 UK and 2 Middle East applications...I will get into at least 1/25 schools.
And, if Yale doesn't want me, I'm not sure what my decision will be if I (hypothetically) get in April 1.</p>

<p>It just sucks that our first decision wasn't an acceptance >.></p>

<p>I am losing my confidence in the college application process.</p>

<p>i felt like..nothing.
i guess i was maybe a little disappointed after a while that i didn't get accepted but i'm so glad i didn't get rejected.
honestly, we're all still in the same place as we were before the decisions, you know?
still waiting.</p>

<p>I cried. It's sad, but I couldn't help it. I knew I had a very, very slim chance at getting in, but I just really wanted to be done before Christmas. =(
I felt a little better today (until my teacher decided to be a beetch, but that's a different story). </p>

<p>As for H and P's high acceptance rates, won't the acceptance rate for deferred students be smaller than Y's? If they took so many in already, then RD should be super hard.</p>

<p>what everyone has said all feels very true, describes pretty much how I'm feeling too. I'm not devastated, but it's incredibly anti-climactic and I've had to reevaluate my college outlooks and make more realistic goals. kinda puts a depressing lull over break, with all the extra apps to do now before jan 1.</p>

<p>best of luck to you guys, I've seen some really stellar individuals on the yale thread and I certainly hope things work out for all of us, yale or otherwise!</p>

<p>and now there's just the long wait.</p>

<p>I didn't apply EA/ED anywhere, but I skimmed through the Yale SCEA thread along with the Harvard SCEA thread, and most of the Yale deferees (?) seem better than the Harvard acceptances. Maybe Yale just had too many good SCEA applicants this year, but they didn't want to accept too many all at once. How did you guys feel about your essays?</p>

<p>My reaction was so-so. I expected it, but of course you can't help but feel disappointed at the same time. Well look on the bright side, at least we weren't rejected, which means that the admissions committee saw something in us.</p>

<p>H had more accepted than rejected and about 2/3 deferred. Yale really did seem more competitive than H and P.</p>

<p>I liked my supplement essay, but I wasn't really happy with my Common App essay. I finished them pretty last minute, but oh well...</p>