Three good state schools - which to choose?

Penn State
University of Maryland</p>

<p>--undecided, possibly business but then again, maybe not</p>

<p>--into business school at Maryland, did not apply to business schools at the two other schools so admitted to "undecided" programs (ACES at UConn, DUS at Penn State)</p>

<p>Thoughts anyone?</p>

<p>Well, those are in three different states. Which one are you from (if any)?</p>

<p>At Maryland, were you admitted to any of the special programs for underclassmen, such as University Honors or College Park Scholars? Those programs can help you meet people with similar interests and make a large campus feel smaller, so if you're in one, it's a plus in Maryland's column.</p>

<p>If money matters, choose the one that is instate for you. They are all fine schools. </p>

<p>If money doesn't matter...I would choose U of Maryland but that's because I'm not a fan of rural college campuses. Both Penn State and UConn are sort of in the middle of no where. UMD is in College Park but is very urban and close to both Baltimore/DC and the greater DC area. LOTS to do in that neck of the woods (no woods though).</p>

<p>Maryland. Here in NJ, it is much higher thought of than the other two schools. </p>

<p>It has a pretty campus too, and within reach of DC and Baltimore. U. Maryland hosts the National History Day national competition every year, which is how I know the campus.</p>

<p>are sports a draw? for football I'd go with the Penn State but for basketball you can't go wrong with either UMD or UCONN. </p>

<p>If it were my boy choosing it would be easy. Joe Paterno all the way! :)</p>

<p>If sports are a non-issue then I would schedule overnights at all three and plan on attending accepted student events.</p>

<p>By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to you and R2RS!!!</p>

<p>Penn St. for sure if he/she wants to go into business. They placed pretty well for a state school into IB and high finance jobs. Some students there run a $4 million investment portfolio. A bunch of kids who work on that get top jobs.</p>

<p>Let the KID choose! What does he think?</p>

<p>Do you and your parent use the same screenname? On this thread, you sound like the student. On another thread, you indicate that you're the parent. </p>

<p>I notice on the parent-written posts, there is a concern about cost. If that's the case, then the cost of going to an out-of-state public might be a concern.</p>

<p>Are you in-state for any of these schools? If not, can you pay full-freight to them all? </p>

<p>The OOS costs for these publics is about $38k-40k per year.</p>

<p>I don't know if this means anything or is indicative of employers, grad schools, or the general public, but I have heard of and recognize both Penn State and University of Maryland as good schools. I don't for University of Connecticut.</p>

<p>Edit: Here are the business rankings for ARWU... <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>UMD - 16
Penn State - 29
UConn - 76-100</p>

<p>Is being close to a city important?
Is transportation home important?
Is weather important? (although this month, all bets are off with weather in the mid-Atlantic)
As someone else said, football or basketball?</p>

<p>Academic-wise (generally), I would rank:</p>

<p>1- UMD (hardest to get into according to our HS Naviance)
2 -Penn State (I'm impressed by the alumni network)
3 - UConn</p>

<p>My D loved UMD (deferred - spring admit); admitted to UConn; skipped Penn State (too big, too hard to get to from here); waiting to hear from Delaware (I'm optimistic).</p>

<p>I would do the overnight as someone else suggested and see what your "gut" tells you. Good luck. You have great choices.</p>

<p>I agree with the rankings above^. Being near major cities could help you getting business internships, so I'd go with MD. Also, I'd agree that U Conn is not in the same ballpark as far as reputation.</p>

<p>UConn may not be in the same ballpark, but it is widely regarded as the best state university in New England. For a student who intends to live in New England, this might matter. A lot of on-campus job recruiting is local, so a student who wants to find a job in New England after graduation might be better off at UConn than at either of the other two schools.</p>

<p>Maryland still has the best academic reputation, though, and Penn State has an alumni network to die for.</p>

<p>Full disclosure: My husband went to UConn and my son to Maryland.</p>

<p>UCONN, (my D is an alum, my parents are alum) Full Disclosure, here too...</p>

<p>UCONN's alum networking has worked well for the D in the Boston area with job networking and Alumni Association & even finding a job. </p>

<p>If your S is planning on working in Maryland/DC area or PA after graduation from either of those two schools, that is OK! But if he wants to work in New England, then UCONN. It is the #26 Public University, I think that Maryland & Penn State might be ranked higher. </p>

<p>Paying OOS tuition is another thing to consider, especially if you have younger siblings to put through college. It is a difficult choice, they are all fine schools!</p>

<p>This is an interesting thread for me, as my daughter was accepted to both UConn Honors and U Maryland Honors. We are instate for UConn, and she got the half tuition scholarship. However, she would probably be happier at Maryland, with its proximity to Washington DC. There was no mention of financial aid in her acceptance package, although we submitted the FAFSA. Does anyone know of Maryland ever offer financial aid to out of state students?</p>

<p>PSU. From ESPN Top Basketball towns:</p>

<p>Worst Town: College Park (5). </p>

<p>Comment: "The town is a dump, the campus dull. The late, not-so-great Rendezvous Inn is hands-down the nastiest bar in which I've raised a glass."</p>

<p>I'd look at it differently. If the student is not going to stay in the NE then Penn State and UConn have much higher national recognition among the public. Yes, mostly because of the sports, but unless you are staying in academia I'd far rather have a potential hiring manager perk up at the name of my school and least have some idea of where and what it is. If you stay in the region of the college then this concept is not applicable.</p>

<p>I'd go to the cheapest option unless one of the schools has a program the cheapest doesn't.</p>

<p>I believe the out of state % for UConn is very small <10%, so you might feel like an outsider and do all the kids pack there bags & go home for the weekend? Big consideration</p>

<p>UCONN is 23% out-of-state. OOSers are still in the minority, but it's not as low as other state schools.</p>