Three More Huge Donations for SC

<p>Sonny Astani MA '78, has given $17 million to the SC department of civil and environmental engineering. His company is currently developing 2,000 units of condos and lofts in downtown Los Angeles with a value in excess of $1 billion. Mr. Astani remarked, "I ended up in the best university, in the best city, in the best country in the world."
A new campus center will be built as a result of the generosity of Ronald Tutor '63. He has pledged $30 million as the lead gift toward the new complex. It will be built in the heart of the campus and will be two four story structures which will house a new admissions center, alumni center, ballroom, study lounges, cafes, restaurant, convenience store, technology resources, entertainment areas and meeting rooms for the 600+ student organizations.
A central plaza will serve as a hub for faculty and students.
Mr. Tutor, an alumnus of the Marshall School, had previously pledged $10 million for a state of the art research complex for the Viterbi School of Engineering.</p>

<p>i count 2...tutor and astani</p>

There are two donors, but three donations.
The donations are:
$17 million
$30 million
$10 million</p>

<pre><code>I have been told there are more to be announced later this year.

<p>sorry i thought Tutor had already given the $10million donation already like in the past</p>

<p>wow.. yay?</p>