Thrive Scholars Round 2 Thread

Thread for people how got into round 2 to share their experiences with each other


Got to round 2, anyone know how many people from round 2 move on?

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I feel like I asked the question during the live questionnaire and he didn’t give me a definitive answer. He just said he’s not sure how many people will get into it yet.

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Thanks! I’m sure most of the elimination is done during the first round anyways.

On their website, it says that there’s letter of recommendations and other information in the 2nd round, which they haven’t emailed me about. Do you think we’ll need that this year too?

I’m looking at the 2nd round application right now. On the email theres a link to the second round application and the things needed are: recommendation, another essay, and then the interview.
You have to finish the forum by FEBRUARY 15th!! So you should get on your grind and find the recommendation really fast.

You also need other things but you should check the form for yourself because I’m not sure I’m going to be able to explain it well.

Um wth!

Thats what my email is, should I email him back?

I don’t have anything about the recommendation and other essay.

Hey, I got moved to Round 2 as well, but haven’t asked for a recommendation yet lol

Did anybody get their interview yet through email?

Sorry for replying slow thrive scholars was going really slow for me. Looks like you’re looking at the wrong email, that one is from the interviewer so you can schedule the interview. The email with the form application and information for me has the subject line “Your Thrive Scholars Application” and was sent by Bethany Queior for me. Try searching up Bethany Queior on your email or Thrive Scholars and you might find the right email. I haven’t been contacted by my interviewer yet.

Looks like Dinosauce got contacted by their interviewer but I haven’t yet.

This website won’t let me attach the picture of the email but just search for Bethany Queior or Thrive Scholars on your email and look for an email sent on around February 5th

yeah i got that email from her, just haven’t got a call or email from my interviewer

Ah thanks.
For some reason I didn’t get notified when I got an email from Bethany, but I found it now.

I did get contacted by my interviewer and did schedule an interview.

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at the info session they told me they take 180 scholars!

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are you sure?
they said in previous years past they took 50-100.
would be a big increase

the info session speaker (randy winston i think?) had said it was 180, so i kind of took his word for it. i could be misremembering though :c

50-100 is scary odds though !! i haven’t even heard from my interviewer yet

does anyone know what the income cut off is?

do you know how many people got to round 2? i know there were 1300 applicants but dont know how many didnt make it.