Throughout-The-Year Study Plans for Four AP Exams

Do you guys have any study plans that you follow to study for AP exams consistently throughout the year and not only during the nearing of the exam. I am having trouble keeping up with a plan and your advice on the resources and study agendas would be really useful. Also , this is my first time using this website. =)

It would help if you name the exams since strategies differ.

Doesn’t your teacher at school do this?

If not, research which texts are the best as some are better than others. If I recall correctly, for AP Physics C there is one that was recommended to us specifically for that as well as APush. In the end, I know they never opened the APush one and not sure about the Physics C. But our school reviews all the time, and especially the 3 weeks prior to the tests spend that entire time reviewing.

AP Bio and AP chem self study and
APUSH and AP Lang school classes

I meant at home studying so it sticks in your brain

None of my kids took AP Bio, I just know that’s a hard one to get a 5.

As for AP Chem my daughter goes to a school with a weak Chem dept and the course is a ridiculous weed out there. She knew she did not want to take it there and if she had to get a 5 on any test it was that one. She reviewed like crazy from an AP Chem study guide I bought in addition to her teacher reviewing in class.

As for APush 3 of my kids took it and other than reviewing what their teachers did with them throughout the year which was a ton of writing, FRQs, LEQs etc or whatever they’re called and MC they never did outside study. I think that’s one you learn as you go.

For AP Lang if you mean like Spanish mine stopped after Spanish 4 Honors and took the AP test just for kicks and got 3’s so if you’re in a foreign language AP you can prob do better. If you mean AP English mine weren’t good enough writers for that or just didn’t love writing enough (the two who were recommended) to take that course. My 4 kids are more math/science.

Continue practicing the FRQ and those things the entire semester. As of now college board is not adapting AP tests like they did last year. Who knows if that’ll change especially for schools that have been all remote with way less minutes each week.

Good luck