Throwing out questions? How does that work? How do you know? Does it happen often?

<p>Discuss please or give examples from your own experience?</p>

<p>which are you trying to throw out</p>

<p>ETS reviews every single question that collegeboard gives out to make sure it is "fair". If they deem a question unfair they throw it out of the test and do not grade it. While however, there were no throwouts in january, april</p>

<p>there was like 5 or something in may. and like 2 in june, 1 in last october</p>

<p>I don't think there is a question I really have a case about, but in the CR SCORE thread a couple of people were mentioning questions being thrown out left and right. So I was just curious about this process.</p>

<p>If a couple of questions were thrown out, I may certainly have a higher score, but I'm not counting on it.</p>

<p>how do they decide what gets thrown out. are you sure this isnt a myth</p>

<p>I had no cases on the May SAT but they still threw out a writing question.</p>

<p>that must mean the curve is a little bit different.</p>

<p>I think they might throw out the profile/mouth question because that seems to be getting a lot of split answers.</p>

<p>i think they will throw out the ball math question, they werent close to being specific enough..</p>

<p>No not the ball one. I cLEARLY read that question like 4 times. It said DIFFERENT COLORS. Not distinct or w/e you guys are saying.</p>

<p>No the ball one said Different designs. There was no specificication on colors.</p>

<p>It said different designs....I thought about the question but I knew that if I spent too much time on it, I wouldn't be able to finish. So I decided to leave that blank. </p>

<p>DIFFERRENT DESIGNS--100% sure. But I don't know how to interprete that. </p>

<p>I am looking at my Q/A from May and one writing question was thrown out.</p>

<p>different designs does NOT imply the need to eliminate full color balls</p>

<p>Gyros321: As you can see by sristi's and sum33's was different designs. No mention of different/distinct colors.</p>

<p>I dont care what you guys say. I know it was colors. Disagree all you want with me. I finished that section 10 minutes early. Last 5 minutes were on that question. It said different colors. Believe whatever false hope you want.</p>

<p>i agree with gyros... it did say something about different colors</p>

<p>i agree with gyros too. Still it was very ambiguous and I think it should be thrown out anyway because it is so open to interpretation.</p>

<p>Since the curves (from what I heard on CC) are pre-determined, would they alter the curve if a question were to be thrown out (becomes harsher or easier, or just the same)?</p>

<p>How many CR questions would be thrown out (do you still get credit if you got it wrong, what's the process for this)?</p>

<p>good question sucrose+maltose</p>