Thurston as chaotic as rumored?!?!?!

<p>So I got my 6th choice for housing which is thurston lower. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I didn't apply ED. But is thurston really as crazy as they say it is? Will I be able to get any work done? I was considering doing substance free housing to get into thurston upper, but i figured that would ruin my chance of getting into the other FB housing locations, as I assumed that special housing programs took precedent over building selections....I kinda regret it now. Should I try doing a room swap?</p>


<p>Why don’t you wait til CI and actually “see” Thurston. What size room in Thurston Lower? Triple, Quad, 6??</p>

<p>You can always do room swap after CI and you’ve actually seen it!</p>

<p>By the way - DO CI - it was most impressive for students and parents.</p>


<p>It’s a 6 person. I’m not concerned about the rooms themselves, I’ve already seen all the dorms. I’m concerned about the reputation thurston has for loudness/chaos</p>

<p>I hear the 6 person rooms at Thurston are the biggest and best. “Thursty” Thurston has its reputation. Although, calms down significantly after the 1st few weeks when papers, quizzes become due. My “S” was in Crawford and even though pretty quiet preferred to study in either Starbucks or Gelman and still does.</p>

<p>Go in with a positive attitude towards meeting new friends. Room swap is always there as a backup.</p>


<p>S lived in Thurston his freshman year. He managed to study in his room, so it is possble to live there & thrive.</p>