TI 84 or TI 89?

<p>I own both; which is best for AP Calculus AB?</p>

<p>In my calc class we weren't allowed to use a calculator...</p>

<p>The TI-89 can differentiate and integrate symbolically.</p>


<p>10 char.</p>

<p>We weren't allowed to use the 89, and I think it's too expensive for a calculator, but it can do everything.</p>

<p>84 is more than sufficient, but an 89 might make your life a bit easier... your choice. I used an 84 and was totally fine.</p>

<p>89 makes your life easier for the ap....a LOT easier.</p>

<p>class, however..is a different story depending on the school/teacher</p>

<p>how about for calc III in college?</p>

<p>89, by far. Ti-NSPire eventually.</p>

how about for calc III in college?


<p>MATLAB :)</p>