TI-89 Quick question (help)

<p>If I have an equation with variable x, and I want to plug in a value for x, how can I do that efficiently?</p>


<p>use store (STO)</p>

<p>Yes, and make sure the value is before the variable:
[5] [STO->] [X]</p>

<p>what is so good about ti 89 than it is not in ti 83...
tell me some programs also which i can inset into my ti 83..like vocabulary...etc</p>

<p>if you have an equation with variable X you can either store a value for X, but you must remember to delete the value afterward, or you will have some screwed up calculations later. </p>

<p>Or, you can type the equation then press |x=<value> and enter.</value></p>