TI-89 Titanium a pain in the

<p>Does anyone have the problem with the ti-89 titanium tht the cover just jams and you can't get it off even if you apply lots of force?</p>

<p>I'm still getting used to mine and I've never had the cover jam, but it does feel kind of awkward to slide it on and off.</p>

<p>yea...that happens to just about every new ti89 titanium. you need to apply some grease (i used sylicon grease) and then the cover will slide off easily.</p>

<p>I'd rather have it hard to slide off than fall off easily. All it requires is a little finesse. Don't force it out, just kind of finesse it out by sliding it with your palms and fingers (I'm sure that helped, lol). I love mY 89!!!!!! It's gonna help me get my 800 on math IIC! Anyone have any good programs for the 89 that's geared towards the SAT IIC? ANYONE?! MLT GOLD for ti-83 plus is good, get it at ticalc.org! BUT WHERE ARE THE 89 PROGRAMS?!</p>

<p>it won't fall off easily at all.</p>

<p>yes, that's the problem that my friend is having (I use 89 regular) he just slams it on the table to get the cover off. 89's are invincible, you know.</p>

<p>i dropped the thing twice on tiles. EEK.</p>

<p>say, this seems like as good a place as any for TI 89 troubleshooting. whevener i use it to differentiate a function, it never works for x. For instance, I'll enter d(x^2+2x-5,x) and it'll say "Argument Error". But when I say something like d(x^2+2x-5,x)|x=y it gives me 2y+2. In fact, if I put in d(y^2+2y-5,y) without the |y=z (or something other than x), it still gives me 2y+2. What's its problem for x?</p>

<p>I've developed a good method for quickly removing the cover without much trouble or WD-40. I wedge my fingers in the area at the bottom between the calculator and case and pry them apart. I'm not forcing anything in the wrong direction or anything, so it doesn't harm the calculator or case.</p>

<p>Also, my TI 89 is still in the same condition it was out of the case (ie, no extra programming or info entered). I i wipe the RAM the way some teachers require before tests, will anything there originally be lost? Almost nobody at my school uses anything other than the TI 83 + so my AP teacher balked at the idea of using the TI 89, which he sees as cheating (what with being able to do differentiation and integration and all). The guy's reasonable so I know I can convince him that that function of the calculator is usless cause i have to show all the work, but he'll still want me to wipe the memory the way all the TI 83 + people have to. I know that the 89 is allowed on the APs, but he doesn't really care about that.</p>

<p>Actually the ti-89s are not invincible. Be warned because my ti-89's lcd screen somehow stopped working and customer service they wouldn't replace it.</p>

<p>Therefore, i had to shell out another 150 dollars on a brand new ti-89 titanium (another marketing ploy, its really the same as the ti-89 in functionality, besides the aesthetics and 4 megs of unnecessary space)</p>

<p>Yeah, sorry about that. I was joking. At least that's what it seems because almost everyone has dropped their 89 on tile w/o cover and everything's ok. Another of my friend's screen stopped working. The right half of it.</p>

<p>thats what happened to mine AS WELL</p>

<p>half your screen shut down?</p>

<p>Yeah, it aapened to 3 of my friends as well</p>

<p>this is the ti89 right? this won't happen to the titanium right?</p>

<p>i cant find all the buttons... like x [root] button to find like the cube root of 345... and whenever i punch in nderiv, it gives me weird stuff</p>

<p>for the x root, use345 ^(1/3). You have to use fractions. what's nderiv? If you use derv, you shouldn't get"weird stuff".</p>

<p>you have to clear your RAM before a test?</p>

<p>yeah, so we can't use programs or write stuff down in the memory.</p>

<p>Yes you must clear your RAM and it gets rid of EVERYTHING. Then again, I only use a TI-83 (not even a TI-83 plus). Hand-me-down, compliment of older siblings. But I do learn a lot more (as cliche as it sounds). Sometimes the brain really is faster.</p>

<p>I agree with thescathach, you do not need to program stuff into your calculator. your brain is much faster and more accurate and flexible. If you are looking up every single physics equation on your calculator, you are wasting time. Do you ever look at the directions on the SAT and refer back to them while taking the test? No, because it wastes time and you've memorized it already.</p>