Ti-89 Titanium Calculator-How to use!!!

<p>I want to learn how to put my new Ti-89 Titanium calculator to good use on standardized tests. Are there any tips?? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.</p>


<p>you do have the manual that came with it when you bought it. that's a start.</p>

<p>and the most useful application in it for standardized tests is:
press the "home" button
go to "F2"</p>

<p>and your world has just been made so much easier. and if you try to solve something you have to put a comma and indicated what variable you want to solve for. so if you go to "f2" and click "solve(" then on the home screen it comes up to "solve(" and you insert a phrase say..."solve(3x+4=0" you then have to put a comma and what variable so it looks like "solve(3x+4=0,x)" and CLOSE THE PARENTHESES that and alwaysalways use the equal sign or else it won't recognize that you want to solve it.</p>

<p>it also has factor/expand functions as well. and loads of other **** but for now that's only the basics and it has a lot of calc/higher math abilities that i don't know how to use yet. but my math teacher is helping me out with it along the way.</p>

<p>:) good luck with the calc. it's beautiful (when i got mine it was either that or a new laptop battery...i guess we know which one won :p)</p>

<p>Haha, ya my teacher just recieved our class's order of them. I nearly wet my pants when I turned it on for the first time (I was sooo excited).</p>

<p>Derivative function is nice</p>

<p>I think it's under "Calc" in home</p>

<p>dervi(function, variable, degree of derivative)
Integration is good too ... get a copy of "Calc Tools" on there.</p>

<p>The 89 Titanium does kick ass! It's such a lovely beauty: powerful, resilient, and strong. Once you get to know how to use it, it will make math a breeze, especially when you're taking Calculus.</p>


<p>Damn. Well, at least I have an 89. Running off with a Titanium would make me feel unfaithful. Sigh...</p>

<p>rats maybe i shouldve bought the ti-89 instead of the -83. is there the "home f2" thing that solves for the variable on the -83? thatd just rock my world if it was there</p>

<p>There's very little difference between 89 and her sister 89 Ti. One has a little more baggage that's all. They run pretty much the same.</p>

<p>Slide rule > all.</p>

<p>Yes, but... "Titanium"... it just adds something to it... Aww, what if my '89 feels bad? Must go comfort inanimate object...</p>

nope. the 83 doesn't have that function (i have one of those too). after 2 years i decided to upgrade to my 89 and i love it...but i still carry around my 83 cus i'm still getting used to the 89. </p>

<p>but the 83 will tell you if a solution to an equation is right or wrong...it just won't give you the answer to it.</p>

<p>I've had the Titanium for over 6 months now (it's a prototype), and I must admit, the ergonomics are nice. But, it's just TI milking the cash cow.</p>

<p>Anyone knows good math suite for Ti-89 titanium ? Especially Math IIC, I've browsed through <a href="http://www.ticalc.org%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.ticalc.org&lt;/a> but the only suites are Dojo and MLT, and these are for Ti-83.</p>