Ticket Deals

<p>Finding a "good deal" is often a crap shoot. I hope I don't have buyers remorse with lower prices later, but I found $164 round trip from Atlanta for A-day. I haven't purchased R-day...waiting to hear from the coach as to when to report. </p>

<p>Anyone find any great deals lately? How late are you willing to wait in hope of a better price?</p>

<p>Our local Sunday paper had an article on Stewart International Airport that was reprinted from the WSJ....
The jist of the article was the airport has recently come under the umbrella of the NY Port Authority and is being expanded and marketed as NYC's 4th Airport.
They are working hard to bring in new airlines and get good deal with lower ticket prices.
Seems like just a few years ago it was not much more than a grass strip!</p>

<p>$164 is about as good as it gets from ATL to SWF anymore -- as fuel charges continue to rise I think you will be very happy with your decision to buy now!</p>

<p>I crap shooted ( what a word! Tee hee SHOOTED 1st grade!thats what I feel like right now!) on PRICELINE! and am flying into another airport about an hour away! DONT GO NORTHWEST and expect to buy a ONEWAY ticket for your candidate at a lower discount rate!!! I went to their site and the oneway ticket was 3x's as high as the 2way ticket I had just bought for my daughter & myself! UGGGG I wish I would have bought through somewhere else now!!! But I didnt so Im dealing with it the best way I know how! TEARS!</p>

<p>I've had some success with JetBlue. The fares have been reasonable and they fly into and out of the airports I need. You can also build miles by booking online. If you get their American Express card and use it once a year, your miles won't expire. </p>

<p>No, I don't own stock in JetBlue. lol</p>