Tickets for Last 2 Football Games?

<p>Freshmen, as I understand, get tickets for all games but UCLA and Stanford, after signing up through I assume it's very difficult to buy tickets for both, especially Stanford (I'm aware the purchasing process for the Big Game is highly restricted) , so how do we get tickets to those games?</p>

<p>Last year they gave us the option of buying the two tickets, in our case it was the USC and Stanfurd games. I'm sure you will have the same option.</p>

<p>SaberCatsFan, I signed up for the freshmen tickets early last year, but as far as I remember, we didn't get the option to buy the tickets then. What I did last year was purchase the "extra" home games (last year it was just USC) at Caltopia during Welcome Week. There's a table for football, and you can purchase UCLA and Stanfurd then. Demand for Big Game and UCLA is always high, but keep in mind that student section tickets and tickets for regular purchases operate differently. I'm sure there are reserved student seats intentionally kept open so that students coming in this year will have the opportunity to purchase them. Be aware though, because the USC game was basically sold out after Welcome Week, so keep on your toes and purchase them at the right time if you really want to go to those games.</p>

<p>See ya on Saturdays,

<p>You can try going on Did you call the ticket office? Are they the ones who told you they were sold out?</p>

<p>well, i found out that the USC game is already sold out. i really want to see Cal crush USC; then i can rub it into the faces of the tons of people from my high school who are going to USC . anyone know if tickets can still be found some how? thanks!</p>

<p>hrm, i'll check out. no, i haven't called the ticket office yet. i checked the Cal football website as well as the USC football website, and both said that the game was sold out. thanks for the help!</p>

<p>The USC game is in LA, you need to buy tickets from the trojan sports website.</p>

<p>There will be a few hundred USC tix for Cal students to purchase, for those of you planning on going south. You'll have to line up early when they go on sale (don't know when)...</p>