Tide detergent -- Is it just me?

<p>Okay, so why is it that Tide detergent leaves the '"washed" clothes with an unpleasant odor? Anyone notice that? I switched to All and have never looked back (it's cheaper too!).</p>

<p>I love Tide Mountain Spring!</p>

<p>Never use Tide--3/4 of the family develops skin rashes if I use it. Dermatologist said it wasn't an uncommon problem. We can only use dye-free and unscented detergents. (And Tide's version for sensitive skin still gives everyone skin irritation.)</p>

<p>^Same for us. H has severe psoriasis, and we have to be extremely careful with chemicals that might irritate his skin. Tide was always the worst.</p>

<p>I never noticed it with Tide, but my husband always complained that tide had a "poverty" smell...whatever that is! maybe it's what the thrift stores use and it triggers something in his brain (we are thrift store shoppers...so....)?</p>

<p>My sensitive skinned family also reacts badly to Tide. Interesting to see others have a problem with it.</p>

<p>We need HE detergent for a front loader and have been using Wegman's store brand for several years because A) It's close B) Our son works there and picks up a lot of the shopping for me :) and C) It's a good price. We also need one for sensitive skin as one of the kids has psoriasis. I'm not convinced that my clothes get as clean as they could and have to wash twice for stains even when I pre-treat. </p>

<p>Has anyone found a brand they really think is good? I was actually considering going back to Tide but perhaps not if it's going to irritate S1's skin and not be any better.</p>

<p>We have sensitive skin in this house, but we have never had a problem with Tide. I've used several varieties, including HE lately. I do use white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of the washer to remove all traces of detergent.</p>

<p>I did have a horrible reaction to laundry detergent once. When S2 was a newborn, I switched to Downy, which was supposed to be gentler for babies. I washed my clothes with his, and I developed a horrible rash over my entire body. Switched back to Tide, problem gone.</p>

<p>I used to have skin problems with Tide (and other scented detergents) but do NOT have any problems with the HE formulas for the front loaders. I think it is a good product.</p>

<p>I use ALL free- the one in the white bottle. Both my D's have skin probs and this detergent does not affect them. HE formulation works well even on D2's softball pants with GA clay stains!</p>

<p>^ GA clay? That's quite an endorsement! Our's tend to be catsup, chocolate, cheeto fingers...notice a pattern here? ;) Our boys grass/clay stain days thanks to football and LAX are thankfully done. I miss the sport but do not miss the stains! Thanks for the heads up on ALL free. I'll give it a try.</p>

<p>@ MOWC - That's interesting about the HE not being a problem with skin issues. Perhaps the formula is different or maybe you just use less detergent?</p>

<p>NOTE: btw, for anyone else that has noticed that the ads on cc follow you based on what threads you post on, I now have Seventh Generation detergent following me as well as bridal invitations (I assume from 'Should I go to this Wedding?'). The entire idea just creeps me out. :eek: Both of these are much better then Condi Rice dressed as Wonder Woman jumping up and down. That was classic!!</p>

<p>Love GAIN. Will never switch back to Tide. Fresher smelling and cleaner to boot. No rashes either, and we are a sensitive bunch.</p>

<p>Two members of our family have sensitive skin, but we have no problem with HE Free & Gentle from Tide or from Cheer. Tried the All, but it didn't seem to clean the white cotton clothing as well. No "smell" issues with any of those brands, though; but maybe that's because we use the no-perfume formula from each?</p>

<p>I like the way Tide cleans and smells. But, I really love the way Gain smells. I use Tide for tougher cleaning situations...but I use Gain for sheets...for the smell.</p>

<p>That's interesting about the HE not being a problem with skin issues. Perhaps the formula is different or maybe you just use less detergent?</p>

<p>It could be two things....1) less detergent....and ALSO....2) HE washers spin at a higher RPM getting more water/detergent out of the clothes....so less irritation.</p>

<p>I used to use Tide. It didn't get the stains out completely.</p>

<p>Started using oxy-clean spray stain remover a few years ago, pretreating my clothes and then putting them in the washer. The stain remover got out everything. So I now use oxy-clean spray stain remover and the oxy-clean detergent too. Been very happy. (I have a front loader)</p>

<p>I thought it was my front-loading washing machine. Nothing seems to get clean anymore. Who else makes an HE detergent? We don't have a Wegman's here and I've never seen another HE detergent.</p>

<p>I have always used Cheer, though it is harder to find. They used to make a special version for dark clothes, have not seen it for a couple of years. Tide makes me break out in hives. I use Seventh Generation Natural on delicates. Oxy-clean spray as stain treater.</p>

<p>@ toledo - Nearly every brand makes an HE now...Tide, Cheer, All, Gain, Purex, Arm & Hammer, Wisk, ERA, and store brands (I'm sure I'm missing some, but you get the idea).</p>

<p>I have severe nasal allergies and must use a scent free version. Even getting close to the laundry aisle will set off a massive headache and 24 hour reaction. Gain is the worst!</p>

<p>Switched to Tide b/c S2 was one of the all-boy boys, and it got stuff cleaner. However, my new front loader gets clothing so clean and S2 moved out, so I may go back to something cheaper. There isn't a lot of choice in my locale for scent-free and will have to see about HE <em>and</em> scent free.</p>

<p>I am very happy with Tide with Bleach alternative. I know many people with young children currently use All instead of Tide because of the sensitivity issue, but Tide is reviewed as superior to other detergents for stain removal, and that is my experience, too. All is also supposed to be a little worse when it comes to fading fabrics. The smell of Tide is pretty non offensive to me.</p>