Tier One Scholarship (Class of 2023)

Applicants who have been selected to participate for interviews will be notified by December 8, 2018. If selected, interviews will take place on January 12, 2019. Currently we are in the waiting game. I wish everyone luck! You can use this thread for posting updates on your scholarship process.

I got word today that I made it to the interview stage! Does anyone have advice over the interview process?

I also got into the interview stage! I read somewhere that the interviews are in groups of 3, and just try to talk a lot and sell yourself. I’ve never done a group interview so I’m a little nervous but I hope all goes well!!

Can everyone post stats?

@snatchedsister Were you also invited to interview?

@BIZP2424 Yeah I was invited to interview

@snatchedsister @michelinman How do you guys feel your interviews went?

@BIZP2424 I think it went well, I was with two intense dudes that did pretty well too so I don’t want to get my hopes up. This was my first time visiting UH and I really like it!!

@michelinman I feel like my interview was really relaxed. It seemed like the people who interviewed with me were pretty calm and not intense at all. I think I answered the questions well, but its a pretty hard scholarship to get so I’ll see how it goes.

@BIZP2424 really?? I totally felt the competitive vibes from the other interviewees, but yeah we’ll see!! I heard a lot of rumors that they only chose one person out of each group (Alpha 1, 2 etc) but apparently it wasn’t true. Last year there were 40 recipients but I think they’re decreasing that amount.

@michelinman Apparently they told parents that they are only selecting 20 people this year. :frowning:

@BIZP2424 … well maybe I’ll get Terry then. Are you going to send a thank you card to the college for the interview?? it might be overkill but idk

I don’t think I’ll send a thank you letter, but I don’t see the harm in sending one.

Check your financial aid on the student portal, I saw that I was awarded the scholarship today on there despite not getting an email or anything.
also stats:
SAT: 1470
no act
out of state
gpa: ~3.8 unweighted, ~4.2 weighted

Congrats. I checked my daughter’s portal and found the Tier one award as well. Also no email or snail mail yet.