Tier One Scholarship Class of 2024

Has anyone heard back from the tier one scholarship to be selected for an on-campus interview?

Not yet, I believe that they’re announcing it by Dec 9th?

Ok thanks a lot since they said “by december 9th” I thought maybe some people would get it before that date.

I’m waiting too, good luck to everyone!

If we hear anything up date this thread

I got an invitation to the interview!!!

Congratulations! It’s an unfortunate no for me . Idk where I went wrong I definitely had the stats and grades.

That sucks I’m so sorry. I’ve totally been in your shoes before, QuestBridge rejected me twice

Has anyone who got an interview heard anything from UH? I saw things about checking financial aid and seeing the award before actually getting a letter.

Nope :// I don’t remember what they said at the invitational on when they would have decisions and I’m really anxious lol.

I heard from someone or somewhere that we would hear back by or before March 1st? Idk I’ve been checking my financial aid nonstop

Has nobody heard anything still?

Been checking financial aid daily. Nothing. Will they be sending physical letter or via email? Will they let you know one way or the other or they ONLY notify those who GET AWARDED? Any knows?

There were more than 100 candidates at the Interview. Last year they only awarded about 16. So competitive

I really have no idea about anything, I just know I’m pretty sure I heard it was to be by March 1st (don’t quote me on that). I had no idea there were more than 100 people!! It only seemed like 60ish when I was there

They had 103 t shirts for applicants prepared to give out that day. I asked the students at the t shirt table. Hard to imagine only 60ish showed up. I could be wrong by going by the number of shirts to be given out though.

Still haven’t heard anything. Good news is, we have been waiting for a month and there is only two more weeks to go! Really anxious to see what the decisions are.

Just checked my financial aid… I was awarded the scholarship! So excited that they blessed me with the opportunity to attend their school.


My daughter got waitlisted. We are out of state.

Are you in Texas? Do you mind sharing some of your academic stats like GPA and SAT/ACT?

Just curious.

Again, congrats! It is truly a blessing.

Sure, I am in state and I have a 4.153 and I am 6/226 but my GPA is screwed up because I transferred in the middle of high school. I got a 32 on my ACT. I also got a 1500 on my SAT (800 Math). I had really good extracurriculars, 2 experiments at NCSBF, I have been really active in theater and went to Regionals in Math and Science competitions. I have quite A lot of community service and I am a leader in my youth group, our FCA chapter and the president of our theater organization.

Thanks. Very good credentials. Truly is a blessing. Looked like you earned it. Make the best of this opportunity… Your parents are probably ecstatic that they will not get into debt paying for your education…?