Time Commitment

<p>I have a few EC's (Metric Club, National Honor Society) that are clubs I go to meetings for and participate in once a week for an entire year but don't spend too much time on. Therefore, my approximate number of weeks per year is 40 but my number of hours per week is 1 or 2. Will this look suspicious to colleges and make them think I'm BSing? These aren't my main EC's (which cover shorter times and require many more hours per week.)</p>

<p>If I go to meetings ever other week for one hour for the whole school year (40 weeks), is my number of weeks per year 20 and hours per week 1? Or do I put 40 weeks and .5 hours per week?</p>

<p>This seems strange because I am a member of Journalism club all year, but I only spend time on it every time an issue needs to be printed. If I divide out the total time and put 40 weeks per year, .25 hours per week, it completely misrepresent how my time is spent.</p>

<p>I can't answer the first question, because I have the same problem. But, you would put 20 weeks per year and 1 hour per week.</p>

<p>I'm in a journalism club too! Except that we have class time as well. I layout the issue and that only happens the week or so before publication (it's like a mini hell week) so I kinda know your issue. What I would do is count the weeks you were present and enter the hours for those.</p>

<p>I'm one of the editors at my school magazine as well, but, hell, I think I spend at least 4 hours per week for that EC.</p>

<p>this was the biggest pain in the neck for both of my kids; don't sweat it too much.....fwiw, I think common app needs to figure out a better way to communicate this stuff to colleges; this "how many hours" thing just doesn't work</p>

<p>For that sort of situation, I put 35 Weeks per Year, 1 Hour per Week</p>

<p>However, that sort of thing is up to you, they all add up to the same thing. If you feel a certain format reflects your hard work more, then go ahead. You won't get penalized. Its like saying 100/3 and 33.3333</p>