Time for a National Referendum Process

<p>California is a state full of nutty left wing liberals who are now officially LOSERS. But there is one thing California does right -- citizen referendums. Californians get to decide for themselves what the law will be rather than rely on a bunch of politicians dancing with special interest groups. If the law stinks, there is no one to blame but the citizens themselves. I say it is time for a National Referendum. The will of the American people should determine American law.</p>

<p>I like referendums. But I think most voters are not completely aware or well-educated as to how what they are voting for or against will affect them. For example, in NC there was a proposition for increased efforts to bring businesses to the area. It didn't say how much money would be spent, who backs the proposition, and other info like that. Most often it's just a coin flip unless its some moral issue.</p>