Time for a new refrigerator

We have discussed the washer and dryers, but unless I missed it, I didn’t see a thread on refrigerators. I need a counter depth refrigerator for the new home and would like French Doors with water and ice in the door. It does not need to sing and dance, but I would like a reliable fridge that can hold a decent amount. While it is just my husband and myself, we do host dinners, so I am finding the counter depth is not a deep as I am use to.

I went to my local independent appliance store today and was shown a GE and a Whirlpool. The GE holds a bit more at 22.1 cubic feet; the Whirlpool is only 19.7 cubic feet. Costco has the GE, so the added warranty would be nice. Samsung also has a couple at Costco I might be interested in, but I think my local store said stay away from Samsung; that may have been when we were talking washer and dryers, I just don’t remember!

I actually have my repair guys email from the independent store, so I might see what refrigerator they service the least. I do know for washer/dryer he recommends Speed Queen and they are the only place you can buy one.

We just bought a French door KitchenAid fridge for House1. It has an ice maker in and a water dipenser hidden inside which makes for a nice, clean, streamlined outside look. While I am not a fan of French doors, these work ok. By that I mean that if I open one side, the other stays firmly shut (an issue for some such fridges, apparently). It is also quiet.

I have a Maytag counter depth French door fridge. It’s now 10 years old and I haven’t had one issue with it.

If you want counter depth you are going to sacrifice size. It’s just my H and I and it’s fine for the two of us. If I’m having people over it can get crowded, but I move things around and manage to get everything in.

I have a GE Profile French door counter depth fridge…with ice and water in the door. It’s fine enough…but don’t count on a quality item in new fridges. Our gasket on the door is already broken (fridge is 5 years old…and my husband hates it…I told him he only has to hate it for two more years…as new appliances last about seven years). I really like the bottom freezer drawer arrangement. I really HATE the ice/water thing…which jams at least once a month. I will never get through the door icemaker again…never.

We also looked at Samsung, LG and Kenmore Elite. Of those, I think I should have purchased the Kenmore Elite. At the time, it was well rated.

Look very carefully at the door bins and shelves. In some of these fridges…they are poor…in some better. I know GE redesigned mine the year after I bought it…the door arrangement we have is terrible…but the new ones are better.

As an aside, we replaced a GE Profile side by side counter depth that was almost 20 years old. I do NOT expect my current GE fridge to last even half that time.

So…what am I suggesting? Get what you like…and make sure you have a relationship with a repair person if needed.

The KitchenAid we bought looks sturdy. Shelves are not flimsy. Made in the US. We also considered and did not get a Bosch (ugh, they are cheap Chinese co made) and a Blomberg (decided against that because of not much familiarity with the brand). Wanted an Electrolux, but they changed design, and the redesign did not get good reviews.

My fav newish appliance is my GE Monogram, counter size fridge. Water and ice are inside. When I had them on outside, it broke on moving day. The outside is flat, so it looks like built in. The GE Profile has a curved front, comes with water in door, and won many awards. The only reasons n I didn’t order that is that u lose space with the water in door. I was nervous to have the CC, with loss of space. As it turns out, I have my old fridge in the garage. Ridiculous for a single person, but I keep nuts, flour, wine in it, and large platters when I’m entertaining. I also love the extra freezer space.

GE is still made in USA, and has on call repair people.

Consumer Search likes Samsung RF23J9011SR.

The built-in Sub Zero that was in the kitchen when we bought our house finally died when it was over 20 years old. We replaced it with the same size current model about four years ago because I didn’t want to reconfigure the space and I like the built-in look. @thumper1 I, too, don’t expect it to last 20 years. Sigh. I did have a repair guy give me some hints on cleaning the condensers and unplugging the condensation line. So far so good, but I think it just went out of warranty so I expect trouble soon.

While I heard it again today, and have heard it before, new appliances, as a whole only last 7 or so years. When we moved out of our house, our refrigerator was 27 years old and was in near perfect working order; the ice maker sometimes made hollow ice, but we dealt with it. I bought bagged ice when we were having a crowd, or my cousin with an ice maker brought her soft ice we loved :wink:

The GE does have an option of an addition ice maker in the freezer. We are big ice users, so I need to think about what we wants as the ones with ice in the door have very small ice makers. I also do not have room for a second fridge in the garage which I also had at the old house; downsizing has its disadvantages!

I am currently leaning toward a Samsung or the GE as Costco sells both so I will get the additional warranty with theim and my Costco Citi Visa. Lots to think about.

Our house came with a GE Monogram counter-depth built-in. I hate the space loss of counter-depth fridges. We’ve compensated by putting two matching Monogram mini fridges into our island and two wine fridges that can handle a food item or two into the bar area. I do like the look of the Monogram line.

We just stayed in a vacation rental with a new kitchen and nice appliances. They had a Samsung refrigerator. As a multigenerational vacation, we enjoy cooking a lot so spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The fridge got a good workout. I really liked it a lot. It had a lot of cool features.

I like to have fridge space for large platters and half sheet pans when entertaining. My kitchen doesn’t have french door refrigerator but we have a full size fridge in the basement - classic freezer on the bottom, not top of the line. It gives me extra space and is perfect when entertaining and large family gatherings/holidays. Something to consider if you don’t find something ideal that meets your space needs, and if you have the garage or basement space to spare. The second fridge doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy.

As a kitchen remodel is in the plans, I have been looking and thinking fridges as well. In my small kitchen, keeping the fridge size nominal and counter depth seems to be the ticket to good redesign. Liebherr has fridges in all sorts of widths and heights. My friend with a similar small kitchen splurged on a tall and thin model from Liebherr, and is quite pleased. https://home.liebherr.com/en/usa/ncsa/residential-appliances/household-appliances.html

I really like the idea of less depth to lose things. My current fridge with freezer on top has me missing my old side by side. Though I see the point about guests. I need a lot of fridge for myself, as I eat large amounts of produce and the need for sauces and pickles from a variety of cultures can crowd a fridge quickly.

I’m looking for a new fridge too and I’m looking mostly at Kitchen Aid. It’s confusing because “counter depth” is often 31" or so which is not counter depth, but “built in” is usually 24" which is counter depth. The Sub Zeros are always about 24" deep which is just too shallow for our small kitchen and our space needs.

A kitchen designer told me that you have to look deep into the specs to find the depth, with or without doors, with our without handles, to be sure. I wish it were simpler!

Honestly, I like French Doors for the fridge, but the freezer part seems inadequate. Also, the traditional freezer-up/fridge-down design is the most mechanically reliable.

I also wish I could find a fridge with an ice maker inside but NO water dispenser. I get spring water delivered so I’d rather keep the fridge space and not give it up for water.

I found this link helpful:


I like the side by side built in fridge that came with House2. It is shallow and wide - I don’t have to fish for items behind other items. As far as platters go, mine are rectangular and oval - will fit in there just fine. :slight_smile: Hope it lasts a few more years.

Just about the ONLY thing I like bout my GE Profile French Door is the bottom freezer drawer. Actually, I love it. It’s easy to find things…and there is a littler drawer at the top that we keep frequently used items in.

I hate the water and ice in the door…and the door shelves.

Hmm, I have had good luck with Samsung. We saw a Samsung (French door) where you can change one side of the freezer to a refrigerator if you need it. I have a side by side and I prefer it to a French door. I feel as if I can find my freezer stuff better. If you can wait, all appliances will go on sale Labor Day weekend, at least they did last year.

I would caution against Samsung. We have a 4 year old french door and have had a problem with the coils periodically freezing up and impeding the fan. At one point there was a class action suit as this is a common problem. I would do some homework and see if the design has been changed before buying a Samsung.

I bought a Samsung a couple of years, ago, French door, not counter depth, at our local store. I loved it. I got the extra drawer for some specific reasons, but ended up loving it just as a general way to sort things.
The condenser kept freezing up. After three repair trips, our local shop got us a full store credit, we bought the same exact one, hoping the problem was a fluke. It feels quality.
We use a ton of ice and my DH hated the small ice maker tray, but all the new ones we looked at had special ice bowls in the freezer, I got a cambro 4 quart tall container and keep that in my freezer & keep it full, so now we don’t run out of ice, DOH!
Our local store, perhaps, did not have the full selection of all models, but this one was the cheapest, by hundreds, of the nicer ones. My DD recently bought the KA one and the inside plastic just feels cheaper.

I do have an old side by side in the garage which we also keep pretty full as we live pretty far out of town and I don’t like to run out of stuff.

My friend’s daughter just bought a high end Kitchen Aid model and it looks better made than most that I have seen but I think the price tag was pretty high too. I hate our french door fridge and will replace it with a side by side when it breaks for good. Not enough room especially with the ice maker taking up space in the fridge area. I’ve yet to buy a fridge that doesn’t have areas that freeze instead of refrigerate food if placed in certain areas of the fridge. How hard is that for engineers to fix??? The cheap plastic in them is appalling too and just waiting to break. Repairman was just out last week for ice buildup and water spilling onto floor. Second fridge that has had this design flaw issue…
Sure don’t make them like they used to!!

Absolutely no complaints with our Kitchenaid fridge either. It’s a built-in with a pretty large bucket for the ice maker and has been running fine for 10+ years. We also had a kitchenaid in our previous house for about 10 years as well.

I also love my water really ice-cold (I fill my glass to the very tip top with ice, add water, then add more ice to replace the ice that melted when I added water!). As a tip for other ice-water lovers, try using a vacuum-insulated stainless steel cup, e.g kleen kanteen, hydroflask, etc. They are amazing for keeping drinks ice-cold for hours and will cut your ice usage way down.

I have GE and they sure don’t make them like they used to.
My first is close to 30 years old and been serviced once or twice. Runs like a top (knock on wood).
My dad’s is even older and doing better than mine.

Newer one is about 15 years old and never has been all that great. Still runs but freezes things, needs servicing etc.
The last time the appliance guy showed up (probably 3 years ago–I learned to do some simple repairs in between) I asked him if I should just get a new one and he said no–the compressors on the new ones are a piece of “not good”. He said keep the one I had as long as possible.

We’re looking now though for a replacement for the “younger” fridge so keep those recs coming!
I like the looks and features of the Samsung but am more interested in no repairs.