Time in CC, grad

<p>how long does it take you to transfer?
how many years it takes to graduate after you transfer? (include major)</p>

<p>two years on average for both</p>

<p>again, it depends on your major and how motivated you are. Some people (I actually personally know of one) manage to finish everything in one year (taking their AP scores from HS) and enter the UC system as a Junior (as they take Junior transfers and she completed enough credits to be a Junior).</p>

<p>Bio? Chem? Prepare to be in for a long and bumpy ride. Don't be discouraged if you need to take three yars. Sometimes it's just what it needs.</p>

<p>History? English? You can make it out in two years. Just make sure that you PLAN your schedule! Figure out what classes you need to take and be aware of what classes your CC does NOT offer over summer or winter session (if you have them). I have heard many stories of people that couldn't take that last class that would give them 60 units, they only had 57 and because of this, they stayed at their CCC for another year.</p>

<p>I am a bio, trying to compress everything in two yrs! grade have affected, but I just want to get out of CC .... as soon as possible! hate going to this "high school" like college</p>