Time it takes to view College Composition CLEP Exam Scores

Hello, I live in South Florida. I was wondering how long it normally takes (And a possible worst case) for people to receive their College Composition Exam Scores because I know this exam has an essay portion, therefore I read it takes 2-3 weeks but I would like the input of someone who has actually had experience with it.

I am a bit worried because I NEED my score before July 5th, otherwise taking the exam is pointless. I have the opportunity to take the exam June 6th, June 10th, and June 14th. The June 14 exam is the easiest one for me to attend, as the other two are very early in the morning and are an hour or two away from my home. Would It be too late to take the June 14 exam If I absolutely MUST have the score by July 5th?

I believe there should be a schedule of cut-off dates for the College Composition exam, in regards to the cut-off to send your essays to be scored. I have heard of some who have received their score close to the cut-off date, which tells me this is a guide and if there are not a lot of essays in the system, they might be sent off sooner.

Have you checked the CLEP website for this scoring schedule?

Okay, I found it on the CLEP website (2015-2016 schedule for College Composition Exam). If you need to receive your score no later than 7/5 guaranteed, the latest date you could take the College Composition exam would be June 7th.

Thank You