Time Magazine: Higher Learning: Students learn how to grow medical marijuana

<p>"Michigan's Med Grow Cannabis College is one of several unaccredited schools to have sprung up in the 14 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized medical use of marijuana. Many of its students suffer from chronic pain. Others are looking to supply those in need of relief.</p>

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<p>Oakland's Oaksterdam U has really helped to revitalize the downtown area. We moved before it opened, but our friends are very impressed with the way the "college" has increased the tax base.</p>

<p>My Gosh! I could have been an academic! <sniff> I wish Dad would have lived to see this day.</sniff></p>

<p>How hard can it be? It's a * weed* ya know.

<p>Growing it isn't that hard. But if you want to stay out of jail, the paperwork required is significantly challenging.</p>

<p>^ Not here in sunny California!</p>

<p>MizzBee, your friends are obviously easily impressed. Anytime the first or only positive point of a business activity is "it increases the tax base", then I believe the activity has little beneficial to offer humanity. My .02 cents</p>

<p>Actually, since I lived in the area for many years, I am also impressed. many parts of Oakland were plagued by empty storefronts and absent landloards. That part of downtown oakland is revitalized, with full storefronts, cafes adn local businesses supporting the campus. These are diverse people coning together to share knowledge and create a commuity. And, yes, increasing the tax base in Oakland does impress. The city has had its share of problems over the years, and marijuana is not one of them.</p>