Time Magazine Names Two Undergrads Among 12 National Education Activists (news item)

<p>Catharine</a> Bellinger and Alexis Morin: The Students | TIME's 12 Education Activists to Watch in 2012</p>

<p>“Frustrated with the pace of educational change, Bellinger and Morin started Students for Education Reform (SFER) while they were undergraduates at Princeton in 2009. They set out to mobilize college students and get them to advocate for education reform in the voting booth and in state capitols. SFER has obviously tapped into something potent because the organization has grown to 71 chapters in 28 states. And its efforts to impact public policy aren’t just ivory tower talk. . . . (continued)”</p>


<p>Bellinger and Morin founded this organization as first year students and are currently taking time off from Princeton to advance the organization's goals. </p>

<p>One of the nation’s more prominent education “activists” is Wendy Kopp (Princeton ’89) who founded Teach For America which is now the nation’s largest non-profit supporting public schools. </p>

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