Time management for tomorrow's SAT II!!!!

<p>I just realized that I've done no time management for my Bio and USH test tmrw. All I've done are my old AP questions.</p>

<p>Does time go really fast like the normal SAT? 90 questions in 60 minutes. F#%K!!! How fast does time go???</p>

<p>Any advice??!</p>

<p>ahh panic!</p>

<p>pretend ur swimming in molasis. always helps me.</p>

<p>It's actually alright. Questions shouldn't take more than 15~20 seconds to answer, given that you know it.</p>

<p>My best advice is to do a run-through. Whatever you know, great, answer it. Whatever you are unsure of, circle the answer trusting your gut instincts and CIRCLE THE QUESTION so you can go back to it when you have time. (Usually I recommend not changing the answers unless you realize that it's totally wrong.) Circle the questions that leave you completely dumbfounded.</p>

<p>Usually if I can't eliminate more than one choice for a question, I leave it blank.</p>

<p>(I'm so nervous! D; BREATHE.)</p>

<p>That's the most important thing. BREATHE. I'm not kidding.</p>

<p>Take a shower in the morning if you're not a morning person.</p>

<p>chill out. I'm taking the same exams tomorrow, bio and us history. Upon completing these courses in school, i did many practice exams. I finished within about 40-45 minutes for both exams (usually 40, but 1 practice exam took 5 extra mins =p). You'll be fine. As for pacing, bring a wrist watch, and work as fast as you can (don't make careless errors, i.e. where does cellular respiration occur in plant cells? chloroplast). If you get to something you don't know, give it 30 seconds, if you can't get it, circle that question on your scantron, and continue. Come back after you've completed and fill it in. If you've done old ap questons, you're in perfect shape and should know about 90-99% of all the material on both exams, and you'll finish with plenty of time, go back and check, and remember, RELAX! :).</p>

<p>do not forget a wrist watch tomorrow, you can't use ur cell and there's a possibility you will not be able to see the clock/it will be broken/the room will not have one. Check your watch every 10 minutes, and then decide whether to speed up/slow down/continue at the same pace. Best of luck to both of us =)!</p>