Time Management

<p>What is the best way to manage your time so that your Friday evenings and Saturdays would be free?
Is it the generic "study whenever you can, study daily after class, and when you have breaks between class"
or is there something else to it?</p>

<p>I tried the "study whenever you can" method, and that didn't work. I needed routine. When I started treating school like a job, i.e. 8 hours/day 5 days/wk, I started doing better.</p>

<p>Try and make office hours, if you don't think you need them come up with some question or ask if they can check what you have done. A study group might help if you feel you have the time, but don't get in a group where you are the smartest one. </p>

<p>If you study M-F like this, and then devoute a day to the course at least 2 days before the final. Also, then give a day of non-study before the test.</p>