Time Schedule of the New SAT?

I’m trying to help my daughter prepare by giving her practice tests under simulated testing conditions but I don’t know when the breaks come and how long they are on the new SAT. Actually, I read on a CB page that there is one 10 minute break and one 5 minute break, but it doesn’t say after which sections. Can anyone give me specific information? Thanks!

The schedule is planned as follows, but beware that individual testing centers can be lax. Your daughter should take a watch with her, so that she can do her own timing. There have been cases when proctors have been inaccurate in their timing and sections have “suddenly” ended.

Reading 65 minutes
10 minute Break
Writing & Language 35 Minutes
No Calculator Math 25 Minutes
5 minute break
Calculator Math 55 minutes
2 minute stretch break (allows students who are not doing the essay to leave)
Essay 50 minutes