Time to say goodbye to Skype ?

<p>Local news channels say that MSFT is going to announce a major acquisition tomorrow morning. Stay tuned...</p>

<p>Microsoft</a> Near Deal to Buy Skype for Nearly $8 Billion - WSJ.com</p>

<p>I hope that Skype's services do not change too much. With 3 generations living on 3 different continents it really makes a (financial) difference.</p>


<p>Don't count on it. When have you ever seen Microsoft make anything better or cheaper?</p>

<p>We use Skype on occasion, too. Are there any other businesses that offer a similar type of service?</p>

<p>Thanks -</p>

<p>I dumped Skype a while ago when Google Voice made US calling free and international calling dirt cheap and allowed me to make or receive calls at my computer or telephone. And they provide a bunch of other features. Google could decide to charge for domestic calls in the future of course. I just found the service with Google Voice to be better than Skype overall. </p>

<p>The one advantage that Skype does have is that you can make calls on your iPad over WiFi.</p>

<p>I agree Iron Maiden, MSFT has a way retarding development and increasing costs.</p>

<p>I've used Google voice on occasion when my cell battery was dead and I needed to make a long distance call. Sound quality was great. Does it also do video calls like Skype? I've only used it for voice only calls.</p>

<p>I do video calls on my PC. I don't have a SmartPhone so I don't know if it can do video on mobile devices.</p>

<p>I like skype because it makes calling easier than google voice, plus when I am overseas I can make free calls to any number in US or Canada( $30 yearly subscription) using free public WIFI that is widely available in other parts of the world.</p>

<p>Well, once again it looks as though I've missed the boat. I bought my first computer video camera last Xmas, ran a test with Skype to make sure it worked, and never used it again [had always planned to get busy with it].</p>

<p>I agree that Microsoft really never innovates, especially with someone else's product. Has anyone tried the Logictech video call service? My video camera is a Logitech model.</p>

<p>We use Skype every Sunday to call our daughter in Africa. I'm going to be HOPPING MAD if there is a change to it!!</p>

<p>Just got done skyping with S in Spain. als ouse it for D in TX. I hope it doesn't begin to cost, as so far it's been totally free for how we use it.</p>

<p>I agree. Microsoft does not really innovate.</p>

<p>Just got done skyping with S in Spain. Also use it for D in TX. I hope it doesn't begin to cost, as so far it's been totally free for how we use it.</p>

<p>I agree. Microsoft does not really innovate.</p>

<p>I disagree on the conclusions on Microsoft - it's brought down the cost of software tremendously while adding functionality to that same software. They wouldn't be as successful as they are otherwise. But people like to bash them. But then I remember the days before Microsoft when personal computer (before the PC) software was quite expensive. I'm referring to the operating system, word processing software, presentation software, spreadsheet software, email software, and others. I remember the cost, lack of functionality, lack of integration, lack of user friendliness of the applications prior to Microsoft's. Microsoft products have had a greater positive impact on most of us than we realize.
(No - I don't work for Microsoft)</p>

<p>I use Skype to communicate with a colleague in the UK. It works okay but certainly could be improved. The quality of the communications really isn't that great IMO and sometimes it's virtually unusable although maybe it's somewhat due to the network at work.</p>

<p>I've also used a Microsoft similar application for video calls (that's also free) - Microsoft Live Messenger.</p>

<p>Don't worry, if Microsoft messes it up there'll be offerings from other companies that you can use.</p>

<p>We call computer to cell phone...does Microsoft Live Messenger do that? Our computer to cell calls are not free but they are not all that costly. I just don't want to lose the ability to talk to my kiddo every week. I don't mind spending the $8 a week it costs us to talk to her for about an hour.</p>

<p>I don't think Msft Live Messenger can do phone bridges like Skype. I've only used it for computer to computer - the same way as I use Skype. Maybe this is one of the reasons they want to buy Skype but I assume they primarily bought it for the user base of 600M or so users so Microsoft would be crazy to change too much about Skype other than makes some improvements.</p>

<p>I agree with BCEagle91. Google Voice gives free telephone numbers and long distance calls in the US. Gmail has a plug in to enable you to have video chat. Google Talk also gives free video chat. Depending on your phone you can do video chat using your smartphone. Microsoft will find some way to ruin Skype so it is better to switch now to free services from Google. </p>

<p>I signed up for the free Google music beta, but have not been invited yet. I have my fingers crossed.</p>

<p>You can pretty much bet that Microsoft is going to screw up Skype, at least charge for it. How else can they re-coup the $8 BILLION dollars they're paying for it?</p>

<p>I hope it doesn't change. We use it in our office for calls in North America. H uses is from home to call his mother in Europe several times a week.</p>

at least charge for it

I don't think they'll charge for the services that are currently free - there are already other competitors offering equivalent free services already. </p>

<p>They don't charge for Hotmail which they paid $400M for. They also don't charge for IE, Live Messenger, and some other applications.</p>