Time's Up CEO resigns due to allegations against her son of sexual assault

Feminist CEO of Time’s Up, the non-profit that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for women of all kinds, resigns because her “life coach” son has been accused of sexual assault.


I definitely believe the victim here, and applaud Borders for stepping down immediately.

I believe the victim, too, but I’m not sure the mom should have to lose her position due to the actions of her 36 year old estranged son. It wasn’t her fault.

Not to mention the thread title is very misleading.

Now the title seems to be fixed. :slight_smile:

SatchelSF you almost seem to enjoy the idea that one women was likely victimized, and a second women’s career and good name has been diminished because it fits a conservative political narrative of liberal hypocrisy.

The very fact however that it is getting publicity contradicts the conservative narrative that such stories are under reported by a liberal biased media.

Pardon my misinterpretation if I am wrong, but you do tend to come at things with a particular point of view.

Let’s keep in mind abhorrent behavior is equally detestable regardless of the political beliefs ot those acting them out or the political narrative they may serve and victims suffering knows no political bounds. People that revel in any abuse, victimization or bigotry just perpetuate our divisions, while those that call them out are seeking common ground. Just saying…

my comments in part based on the now edited title*

The father is estranged, but the article reads like things are good now between the son and his mother. Did I miss something?

The optics were no doubt going to be terrible for the mom. Support her son or believe victims?

@SatchelSF can’t she do both? And, why should she be the one to lose her job? What did she do to create this issue, other than to give birth to her son 30+ years ago?

Well, she voluntarily left her position. I guess she felt that, given her maternal connection to an accused in the era of #believeallwomen, donors and other stakeholders wouldn’t be as enlightened as we are here on CC!

Here is the son’s website; very interesting, especially his podcast “How To Be A MF Legend” (yes, “MF” means what you think it does): https://www.dijonsdimension.com/

The accuser is a “reiki healer” and has an interesting facebook site (“Sound Bath and Reiki Healing with …Celia Gellert”).