Timing of Admissions Decisions?

Does anyone know when the first USC admissions decisions could come out?


Depends on what you’re applying to. In my case, I applied to IYA about a week ago. If you also applied to this program, you should expect to hear from them about an interview around mid January. Otherwise, on the USC website they say that all admissions decisions will be sent out by April 1st.

Scholarship decisions roll out the end of January, usually around the 24th-25th. I would expect things to stay on track even with this crazy world, as universities are like machines that just run the same way over and over again.

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For those who applied by 12/1, if they get scholarship interview notification, should they assume they are accepted? Just not notified til April?

Yes, you receive your “white box” at the same time as your invitation. Typically late Jan.

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Sadly, regular decisions did not get their gorgeous admit package (the white box that use to be yellow/gold) this past March. Scholarship recipients received them last January, but that was because it was prior to the whole Covid mess. My guess is it will be online notification for scholarship folks this year. That means no exciting/stressful anticipation waiting for the mailman that was part of their crazy process, but a tradition nontheless. (Some loved it, some didn’t, that’s for sure.) But their acceptance package is beautiful, we still have all four of ours - definitely keepers. It’s sad the students are missing out on those, and not sure why they weren’t mailed over summer or even this fall for new freshman. But last time I checked, they hadn’t been.

I knew the March admits didn’t receive them - it will be interesting to see what they do this year. I agree - we’re far enough across the country that my daughter would be waiting until probably after the portal updates, so electronic is nice but the old school way is really a nice touch. Thanks for the info!