Timing of the test; a few quick questions

<p>Hi All,</p>

<pre><code> I'm taking the test in a few days and I'm wondering if any of you who have recently taken it can clarify how exactly the timing of the test goes. For instance it is unclear to me whether everyone taking it is timed in a group or sections start and stop when you click next or end section etc. On the practice tests I've used for example, the timer waits until you manually select "continue" after the instructions screen.


<p>you're timed by yourself. you're in a room with other people, but you're not coordinated with them at all. some of the people won't even be taking the GRE, they'll be taking some other exam.</p>

<p>When you show up, you'll all be briefed as a group / do all the paperwork / listen to their quick do's and don't's schpeel, but as the previous poster said, after that, it's entirely individual.</p>

<p>When I took it, they even briefed us all individually, as we came in. My testing center was fairly small, though, so I don't know if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>Interesting. But still there is only a minute between some sections right? So i guess once you see the first essay the test is on autopilot (but you can advance early if you want) from that point?</p>