Tips for Gross Anatomy?

I’m a U3 3 + 3 BSHS/DPT major at University of the Sciences, and as a requirement for matriculation into the graduate phase of the program, I’m required to take Gross Anatomy over the summer. The course description reads:

“A study of the structure and function of the human body with emphasis on the skeletal, musculature, vascular, and peripheral nervous systems. Laboratory sessions involve cadaver dissection, osteology, and surface anatomy.” (PT-400: Human Anatomy, University of the Sciences).

I did relatively well in Anatomy & Physiology I with a B+, but I’m worried about the nature of this course as it’s like a “teach-your-self” type of class. According to upperclassmen, it consists of case studies, dissections, and exams. To pass this class and progress into the next year, I need a B- (80%). If anyone has taken such a class, what advice do you have about approaching such a heavy course? Thanks in advance!