Tips for Onboarding

I will be starting my onboarding process for my internship soon. Any tips to avoid any kind of mishaps. It includes a drug test and background check and a security clearance.

Assuming that you do not recreationally use the drugs being tested for, be sure that you are aware of potential false positives from prescription or over-the-counter drugs:
It may also be best to abstain from consuming poppy seeds.

Background check could include verification of objectively verifiable claims on your resume (e.g. dates of attendance at school(s) attended, GPA(s) at school(s) attended, dates of employment at past employers).

@ucbalumnus Thanks, I don’t do drugs. I’ll be sure to look through that link you sent. I just ordered an official transcript too.

@ucbalumnus thanks for the tips i passed everything and will start in a couple weeks once school ends.