Tips for Self Studying AP Psych?

Hi everyone!

I want to self study AP Psych and take the exam next year (May 2021). If anyone has previous experiences regarding textbooks, good review websites, study strategies, etc., feel free to share them!

About textbooks…
I heard that the Barron’s AP Psych book is a good choice, but my school also provides the Myers AP Psych book for free (rental). Should I get both or is the Myers AP Psych book good enough?

Thanks in advance! ?

Hi! I’m taking the AP Psych test on May 20 and I have been studying on my own since my school doesn’t offer the course. I think it’s easy enough to study alone as long as you continue to study and practice doing past exams all the way until the test date. For me, quizlet helps a lot and I get lots of help from Also, collegeboard released free online videos discussing each topic on YouTube. It’s useful to me so I recommend watching those.
The textbook I’m using is the McGraw HIll 5 steps to 5 textbook so I’m not sure about the textbooks that you mentioned.

I would not bother self-studying Psych. In general self-studying APs is not given the same weight as taking the actual class. In addition, AP Psych is considered one of the “easy” APs so even a very high score on the AP exam likely won’t impress anyone. I think your time would be better spent being sure you excel in your actual HS classes and making a meaningful impact with your ECs.

Thanks for your honest input! My school offers the actual AP Psychology class, but I was considering self-study because I want to take it in sophomore year (where my schedule is full). If I were to take the actual class, I’d wait till senior year to do so.

I’m planning on doing 6-8 APs in my whole high school career… I’m thinking that not taking AP Psych won’t make too much of a difference, right? What do you think? :open_mouth: Should I wait for senior year to take the actual AP Psych?