Tips for taking Math Placement?

<p>Any tips for the B placement exam?</p>

<p>get all of the questions right</p>

<p>use a calculator...answer all questions, even if a guess..don't finish unless you're ready to way to go back. If you don't get into the class you think you're ready for, you have to pass a proficiency test for that class during the first week of fall quarter to advance. Don't waste your time at orientation and leave your scheduling session to discuss with someone because that's what they'll tell you to do..the placement test is pretty final as far as decisions go.</p>

<p>If you score 35/40, you can take the Math D test at orientation to place into a higher math course, otherwise you have to score 25 ACT/570 SAT in math to take test D.</p>

<p>What do you have to score in Math D exam to move on?</p>

<p>can't help there...score determines which class you're placed in but I don't know what dd's score was that placed her in 148 vs 150 (which is where she belonged!). She did take the proficiency test studying the algebra and trig concepts listed for the class but found she was tested more like her precalc from highschool so did not test out. Her 148 class was super easy...not that she didn't learn anything....but she would have succeeded in 150 without it.</p>

<p>ddd928 thanks for your help. It helps to know to review more like HS precal.</p>