Tips for the summer? Also Freshman Schedule

<p>I feel the need to make my first post on this forum a naive kid type question. Not serious, but I wanted to make sure I was doing everything in my power to make best use of my time in the summer. I am thirteen years old, so it may seem like I'm trying to be pretentious by using grammar and all that (which in itself is a pretentious word to use, heh heh), but I'm seriously not wanting to waste another summer. By the way, here's my plan for my High School Freshman Year. Tell me what you think.</p>

<p>Grade 9</p>

<p>Geometry H (Honors)
Biology H + Lab
English 9H
Global History and Geography 1H
French 2 Regents (no honors available)
String Orchestra
Introduction to Science Research
Computer Programming I & II (both half-semester courses)</p>

<p>Including PE and lunch (I actually have the option to opt out of a lunch period in exchange for another elective, but I'm leaning towards no, due to high schoolers' advice) I am taking a ten-period day. My friends all think I'm crazy, but I realize now that it's par for the course when it comes to College Confidential. Am I right?</p>

<p>My plan for the summer:</p>

<li><p>Get a paid internship for a month and a half and then go to England.</p></li>
<li><p>Go to England in time for the Olympics and go to a few events, but miss a paid internship.</p></li>

<p>Alright your freshman schedule looks good, but don't stress too much if you end up needing to drop a class when school starts. With regards to this upcoming summer, I think the best things you could do would be:</p>

<p>1) Start something. This summer would give you a bunch of time to really get it going before the craziness of high school kicks in. I mean something like a business, a nonprofit, etc. </p>

<p>2) Volunteer. Try volunteer at something related to your interests. Ideally you could carry this on throughout high school and possibly get some leadership in it. </p>

<p>3) Some kind of class in a subject you are interested in. I think options 1 & 2 are better than this, but if you find a class you are interested in go for it! </p>

<p>Also, make sure to get involved in extra curricular activities that you like when school starts. Dont do stuff just for college apps, because all that leads to is burnout.</p>

<p>One more thing: you're really young to be worrying about college, so please do your best to forget about this website and don't come back until at least second semester of sophomore year!!</p>