Tips for writing a "9" DBQ?

I have written 2 DBQs this year so far. I received a 7 on both of them (not good). How can I get a 9? What are some tips? How do you go about writing a DBQ?

<p>for APUSH?</p>

<p>Yes, APUSH</p>

<p>i'd say a 7 is VERY good lol. if you're capable of writing a 7 dbq (consistently) then your content knowledge of each period is good.</p>

<p>I got a 4 with essays of 5(dbq) 6 (ques 1) and 1-2 (ques 3). </p>

<p>The most important things to keep in mind, </p>

<p>Have a Thesis. Make it simple and referable. </p>

<p>Everything you say has to prove your thesis much like an SAT essay.</p>

<p>Show your Reader you know what you are talking about. Input as much ACCURATE! historical info in your essay as you can. if you're not sure if its true don't put it.</p>

<p>getting a 9 means you're going above and beyond what is requested. In my class, I got 9s on DBQs that I referenced historians in. </p>


<p>^^ Doing that never really came up in my APUSH class.</p>

<p>But, i wouldn't though. They want to know what YOU know, it wouldn't be beneficial or add to the argument to try to squeeze in an example of 1 historian.</p>

<p>Well, I wouldn't try to sqeeze in a historian reference if it didn't help my argument... </p>

<p>I added the references in because they were highly relevant to my thesis and show that you do know things beyond what is provided on the documents.</p>

<p>Don't look up historians for the sake of just having a name in your essay. I learned about historians through APUSH lectures at school and watching documentaries....</p>

<p>Dude 7 aint bad for the beginning of the year lol, its 90% for us</p>

<p>My best advice is to check the College Board website and look at sample 9 responses to past DBQs and see how they're set up and what CB had to say each did well.</p>