Tips on being a better cashier/employee?

I have been at my job for roughly half a year now, and I still feel like I am sorta slow and lacking compared to the others. For example, when I have to front an aisle, I usually take over an hour or so, carefully putting stuff around. The others seem like they just need about 30 minutes. How do they do this? Though, I think I am probably faster on the register, just not as fast as the managers. I did on a few occasions observe the other cashiers while shopping, and I believe I can do faster. This started when I realize that customers just wanna get the hell out quick, nothing else matters. :-?

Anyway, when there’s too many cashiers, like 3-4, and it’s not exactly busy, what else can I do? Today, we had 4 cashiers working, 5 if they included me. I was just walking around looking for something to do. It was in the morning/early afternoon, and the manager in charge was kinda new so he didn’t even know what to tell me to do. I didn’t want to front at aisle that early because the customers will just make a mess again later, perhaps that wasn’t right. I decided to stock the paper towels, which weren’t close to out yet, but whatever. Then I did went to grab the shopping carts. When I came back, the other cashiers called me to open up. When I finished my last customer, I turned my light off and they showed dismay at me for leaving my post again. What in the bloody hell was I supposed to do, then? I can’t stand around and wait for the customers, that’s a no-no in our store. What else should I stock? Should I front something? Maybe it was smarter if I asked some a stocker if they needed help. The head manager usually check the camera footage to see how we work. If he sees me walking around not having a clue what’s going on, I am definitely going to be in trouble. The manager in charge at that time said that he’d be in trouble first before me. :open_mouth:

I have been working in the evening for quite awhile, and things I usually do, besides ringing up stuff, are cleaning up go-backs and fronting aisle. I forgot how the routine in the morning is supposed to be like, but beside gathering shopping carts, I used to stay in my register. Sometimes, I’d stock the glasses or batteries, none of which were available today. They called another girl first for help, but not me, so I thought they had enough people. I think it was better of me to just say screw it and open the register and stay there. What else should I have done instead of walking around like an idiot? Gargh! I hope I won’t get in trouble tomorrow. But if I do, I’ll have to suck it up and accept that I wasn’t doing a good job today. :expressionless:

I don’t know how your store wants you to do it, but at my job (Walmart) we’re supposed to “zone” / tidy up our aisle throughout the shift, not just at the end. Maybe that’s why it takes you twice as long as everyone else. Plus, that “I see a problem but I’ll put it off until later” attitude probably isn’t helping your image. :confused:

No, not really. Perhaps I am just too much of a neatnik. :frowning: But, we do that when we aren’t busy, too. Sometimes, we get called to open up and leave the aisle, then I have to double check to make sure things aren’t messy again. This is the evening routine.

What problem? You meant I should have just went ahead and front any aisle, regardless of how and when it is? Yeah. I probably should have done that. :frowning: