Tips on how to do well in Physics 7C

<p>title says it all, im open to anything. Never realized that physics would be this hard..i like the challenge though :). I'm all ears</p>

<p>are you having difficulty?</p>

<p>1) Read the book
2) Look at the examples in the book (it will help you how to approach the problem)
3) Go to any office hours if you really understand a concept.
4) Before the midterm/finals, work on practice problems as much as you can.</p>

<p>I had trouble with 7d and I did all the following what I listed yet I managed to get a B. But most important, really understand the concepts and how formulas are derived, that way you'll understand applying them in problems. Most people I know generally rely on just formulas in the cheatsheet and yet they don't understand why they are used. Also, do not be so clueless when your asking for help for a problem. Attempt it and if you got it wrong yet you dont know why, go get help. Its very beneficial. Hope this works for you.</p>