Tips Please

<p>I would really appreciate some tips and feedback on this thread. Currently, I'm a freshman in a public, suburban high school in New York. I've always dreamed of getting into a prestigious college, and I was just wondering what I should make my action plan in order to achieve this. </p>

<p>My classes:</p>

<li>Latin 1 </li>
<li>German 2</li>
<li>AP World History</li>
<li>10th Grade Geometry Honors</li>
<li>Biology Honors</li>
<li>Advanced Placement Prep English</li>

1. President of the freshman class
2. Cross Country (fall)
3. Track and Field (winter and spring)--top ten hurdler in the section as of this year
4. Latin Club (although this isn't too demanding)</p>

<p>My first quarter average was a 97%, however it dropped to a 95% second quarter.
--There are about 900 students in my class--I believe that I'm in the top 10-20</p>

<p>I've pretty much given up on any of the top five hardest schools to get admitted to, after reading about some of the people that apply there. I really don't think that I can compete with a lot of the students that I read about on this website. It stresses me out immensely, so I was just wondering from anyone what I should do to stand some sort of chance at getting into a prestigious college. I hope to major in biology for my undergraduate, and pursue a career as a geriatrician (specializing in neurology/cognitive diseases). </p>

<p>I plan on volunteering at a nursing home or hospital every summer from now on. In addition, I plan on joining a community service club next year and remaining in that club until I graduate. I feel like the fact that I don't play an instrument puts me at a disadvantage, however music is just not my thing. Writing a children's book about hospitals also might be something that I consider doing in the future.. </p>

<p>I'd appreciate any kind of feedback. Sorry the post was so long and all over the place, but I'm sort of really stressed about college admissions and just need to talk to people that actually know what they're talking about. I'm sick of listening to a bunch of fifteen year-olds discuss what it takes to get into certain schools, because 98% have no clue what they're talking about.. The whole thing just makes me really nervous. Sorry, I'm babbling. </p>

<p>ANYWAY, any tips or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this jumbled mess. (:</p>

<p>Oh, and I'm a caucasian female.</p>

<p>Find your passion and take it to the next level.</p>