Tips to get into SUNY Oneonta

<p>My daughter is interested in fashion, communications & jounalism. Her weighted average is 87. Is involved in many school activities and does alot of volunteer work. I've heard that Oneonta has gotten very competitive. It is her first choice, then plattsburgh and cortlandt.
I've heard that going to visit the school is a plus and sending in your application very early. Any ideas or suggestions to improve her chances?</p>

<p>I would defintitely encourage her to get her app in early. I think Oneonta may have EA admit. D2 was accepted, but decided on Brockport instead. You should plan a visit so you get a feel for the campus. My niece is a rising SR in the fashion merch program and is happy there. I'm sure her average was in the mid 80's and nothing stellar on SAT. Good luck.</p>