tips to get through a book really fast

<p>i COMPLETELY forgot about this book that i need to have read for school tomorrow. we were supposed to read it over break. and to be fair, it isn't really a "book." maybe a novella? idk. it's the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, so it's really short, but i have to have it read by tomorrow, and i would like some sleep tonight, preferably at least by 10:30.</p>

<p>do you have any tips for speed reading? like reading the first and last paragraphs of the chapters....does that work?? helppppppppp D:
oh and no sparknotes. the teacher specifically said we can't use sparknotes, and the test is made so that you can't pass with only sparknotes, because apparently she's read it and made sure there are questions you can't answer by only using that website.</p>


<p>But seriously, I had to read that book for APUSH last year, and the questions were exactly the same as what is on either sparknotes or cliffnotes or some other site like that (I did read the book, though).</p>

<p>There are audio recordings of it on Youtube. They’re a few hours long, but you could wake up early and listen to the end of it before school.</p>

<p>lol my English teacher said the same thing about The Odyssey and Sparknotes just to mitigate the chances of someone reading the sparknotes. I read the book and the sparknotes and did the questions on there. Some of the sparknotes ones were the exact same as on the test :).</p>

<p>Now to you, I would recommend reading the entire thing ASAP since you said it’s not long and I wouldn’t recommend assuming the same thing I did. I would read as far as possible in the book so I have a good background on it. After that, if you do not finish, read all the notes on it (Shmoop, sparknotes, cliffnotes) since you have already have a good understanding on it. I’ve never tried the option of not reading the book at all and just relying on third party sources, but I know that nothing can replace reading the book itself.</p>

<p>I like Shmoop better. It tells you how to analyze it too. I did that for The Odyssey when I didn’t have time, and scored above 90% on all the reading quizzes. </p>

<p>My teacher also says not to use sparknotes and I agree, sparknotes should occasionally be called sparsenotes. </p>

<p>Sometimes I listen to the audiobook and then take notes off of shmoop at the same time.</p>

<p>the audiobook is a great idea; thanks, i would have never thought of that!! that’s probably what i’ll do. i’ll just listen to the first three hours, then wake up early for what’s left. and it’s also a good idea to use other websites besides sparknotes…because i mean, i doubt she’s read cliffnotes and shmoop! i can read shmoop and listen simultaneously! </p>

<p>either way, i’m gonna be up past 10:30 :confused: ah well, as long as i get some sleep</p>

<p>thanks to all of you!</p>

<p>shmoop rulez</p>

<p>Try rapid serial visual presentation.</p>