tired of all those political phone calls!

<p>This is rant about our political vetting process, so forgive me.</p>

<p>I have been overwhelmed by phone calls, and postcards, from the candidates who are running for the governor or Congress this year. Even though I'm on the DO NOT CALL list, their organizations still call me. How can that be?</p>

<p>I'm also on some list that must be titled: "distorted phone calls". Those phone calls are either from a police auxiliary--not our local police--with the caller hysterically shouting about how we have to donate to those "in the line of battle". (I live in an incredibly sleepy town in CT where the only crime is some kid who stole $1.00 of candy from CVS.) Or "don't be alarmed about your credit card just yet....but we have learned it is at risk complete failure, where houses are lost and interest charges can range from 30-50%..." (I pay in full.) Or "your mortgage is near collapse...." (not true).</p>

<p>How can I get off those lists? And I'm not interested in wasting so much paper; can't these so-called politicians save their time and money and help the environment?</p>

Even though I'm on the DO NOT CALL list, their organizations still call me. How can that be?


charities and politicians are not bound by the do not call lists.</p>

<p>I always check caller ID so miss most of that type of call. I have had to answer some unfamiliar numbers recently as my son, who has temporarily moved home while job hunting, has been awaiting some job related calls so occasionally I get caught by one - the Democratic candidate for whatever at least politely said "nice talking to you anyway" when I told him I am not a US citizen and can't vote, unlike the other politician who just slammed the phone down on me.</p>

<p>My husband on the other hand answers all calls and keeps them chatting till they want to hang up. I think he managed to keep the people selling extended car warranties (our youngest car is 11 years old with 186,000 miles on it) on the phone for about 25 minutes.</p>

<p>Well, as a parent of a child who called people on behalf of a candidate, I try and listen politely. If it is a taped call, I hang up.</p>

<p>These are taped calls. For awhile today, I was getting phone calls every 10 minutes. Some of these taped calls mess up my voice mail by filling it up so much that I've missed some actual messages. Sure doesn't give me that "positive feeling" they wanted.</p>

<p>For those...(here's one now)...not-taped calls, I just suggest they not bother. With 5 voters in the house including my college age kids ...(here's another)...we're a real "target" market.</p>

<p>for the political calls put on an accent and say you can't vote - they really will not want to talk to you at all. Very effective. (my accent is not put on by the way, and I actually can't vote)</p>

<p>It was my job to do phone canvassing for a political organization for a while and I am pretty sure it was the worst job on earth. For my organization (which is pretty huge), if you ask the caller not to call again we take you off the list-- I promise. I don't know how other organizations do it. We don't do pre-recorded calls, and the only "target market" sort of thing we do is whether or not you have told us in the past that you affiliate with our party. Nobody is targeted in any other way. </p>

<p>One weakness of our system is that I believe our call lists are generated by name, not by phone number or address, so each registered voter who had told us in the past that they were affiliated with our party came up in the system separately. We made several thousand calls each in a week so we could not keep track of residences already called very well. So occasionally we will call the lady of the house and be asked not to call again, we remove all of her information from our system, but we may not always catch it when her husband shows up on the list later-- sometimes one caller gets the lady of the house and another caller in another city gets someone else. We did most of our calls from home on our own phones or on phones provided by the organization, we did not work together to see who had who on their list. And it would have been difficult not to do the system by names, because in many houses there is a person or two in Party A who would want to volunteer and another resident who is in Party B who wants to hang up on us, we have to know who to ask for and sometimes we are supposed to talk to more than one person in the house. It's complicated. And we don't just call asking people to vote, we call to answer questions, make sure people know their polling location, and during an election we set up rides for people who can't get to the polling place. While there are some people who get very angry and frustrated, there are many who are glad we called. We don't know which one you'll be until we call.</p>

<p>When I did this, I was honestly so anxious and felt so guilty about disturbing people it made me ill. But I needed the job. Please do try to be as kind as you can. I know it is obnoxious as hell and I make no excuses for it, but it is terrifying to be the person on the other end of the line sometimes.</p>

<p>I particularly hate the taped ones that don't "shut-off" after you hang up. It's also a potential safety hazard. What if I need to use the phone? The line isn't clear until their entire stupid message is done.</p>

<p>Why aren't they subject to the Do-Not-Call list? This also irritates me greatly. What kind of self-serving exemption is that? I don't want called by ANYONE and that includes them!</p>

<p>The British accent ploy is for naught, I'm afraid. I think all these campaigns have a list of newly registered voters.</p>

<p>However, I'll have to use my fake accent for some other calls, like those from a credit card company, or bank, or a non-local police force. Good idea! Still, how does any of this even benefit them? Are there people who actually fall for this stuff and donate money?</p>

<p>And Emaheevul07, I'm not rude, especially when I "hear" that anxiety. I just said to the last guy who called, "my son isn't a good phone personality" when, in truth, he's afraid of his own shadow; he's got Asperger's.</p>

The British accent ploy is for naught, I'm afraid. I think all these campaigns have a list of newly registered voters.


it works for me :D. Of course there are others in the house that are registered voters but so far no one has ever asked about them once they learn I am a waste of their time.</p>

<p>We got caller id years ago when our phone number was one number off from a popular barbecue restaurant. Now, if it is an unfamiliar number, I let it ring 3 times before I answer. Usually, the programmed calls are programmed to hang up after 3 rings. Doesn't always work but it does eliminate some of the nuisance calls.</p>

<p>Now I wonder if there were some Spanish speakers who were disappointed to learn I could actually converse with them in Spanish instead when they told me they couldn't speak English. :P</p>

<p>You must be in an area with a hotly contested race. I've been getting calls from our local Congressman--I live in SoCal and these calls are originating from IDAHO! I guess they work cheaper in Idaho...</p>

<p>Your Congress-Critters exempted themselves and their political fundraisers from the Do Not Call lists when they passed the legislation. You could vote to throw the bums out. That's what I do. Then, I vote to throw the new bums out the next time.</p>

<p>Here at the beach we don't have caller id, but we have the answering machine part set up to kick in after 3 rings. About 90% of the political/looking for $ calls just cut off when the answering machine comes on. If I happen to catch one the calls in person, I simply hang up.</p>

<p>Agree the calls are very annoying.</p>

<p>I start talking to campaign and telemarketers in Chinese, and then they leave me alone.</p>

<p>I just confirm the name of the candidate and tell them that I make it a point NOT to vote for those who call. For the automatic ones, just put the phone down and let the tape go on - from what I understand, if you hang up it just dials the next one - if you let it drone on it waits and gets fewer call in.</p>

<p>I don't mean to be rude, but I do know how to read the newspaper, would much rather get mail and not be disturbed, and I don't like having to collect bogus voice mail messages.</p>